I Don’t Like Buggies Even When They Are Pimped Up (Video).

5th & 18th November 2014

No sooner do I post about my dislike for buggies and the impending doom of cart racing around our courses than the very topic finds the golfing headlines – well sort of.

Plum Quick Motors based in Fort Mill, South Carolina, are specialists in high performance golf cart motors.  Last week, on 31st October 2014, their team broke their own world golf-cart speed record – achieving 118.76 m.p.h. at the Darlington Dragway in “Bandit”.  Take a look below: –

Then I read boxer Floyd Mayweather has pimped up a gold-plated ‘Bentley’ buggy for his son.  Take a look at this: –

Floyd Mayweather Buggy

A point I didn’t make in my early post was that Buggies are also dangerous.  Please google cart or buggy accidents on Google if you don’t believe me.  It is often said that aeroplanes are one of the safest forms of transport.  Without knowing the figures I would guess that buggies are one of the most unsafe.  I would love to know the ratio of accidents to buggy rides.

Whilst I accept that the wider adoption of “Bandit” buggies would help solve the slow play problem engulfing golf – for example, a 250-yard drive could be reached in 4.2 seconds – the last thing I want is for buggies to start being glamourised in this way, however entertaining.


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