Leave Golf Alone 2

25th March 2015

On the 29th October 2014 I wrote about how much I disliked all of the hybrid versions of golf that seemed to be popping up – be they Speed Golf (running), Foot Golf (football) or Disc Golf (frisbee).

Today I came across an article and video on the Florida Today website authored by their Fitness and Water Reporter Michelle Mulak.  It tells the story of Smash Golf, a new version of golf played with a tennis racket.

Further research suggests that Smash Golf was actually launched by Florida golf pro Daril Pacinella in December 2014.

Take a look at the two videos below – you have to see it to believe it.

I wonder if you can have a second drive like in real tennis.  As an aside have you ever thought how much better tennis would be if every shot counted like in proper sports.

I hope this latest video is an April Fool that has mistakenly been released early, although I am not sure the USA bother with our silly tradition.

WARNING: Watching the Smash Golf videos will probably upset you and make you very angry, although you may admire the ingenuity of the racket’s putter attachment when play arrives at the green.

Watch the Smart Golf Introductory Video By Clicking Here – December 2014

Watch Michelle Mulak’s Video Report By Clicking Here – March 2015


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