June 2021 Men’s Amateur Rankings

2nd July 2021

Throughout the year I analyse the two main amateur golf rankings, the SPWAR and the WAGR, to help us assess the performances of Great Britain and Ireland’s (GB&I) leading players as well as the status of events they compete in.

This information is maintained on the Rankings page of the GolfBible website and is updated quarterly.

The latest update covering the June 2021 Quarter period has now been added.

England’s Laird SHEPHERD has won my Player of the Quarter Award. How could I not hand it to him after his memorable Amateur Championship win last month ?


Laird Shepherd (Photo: The Nairn G.C.)

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The Open Championship – 2021 Final & Regional Qualifying

18th July 2021

Matthias SCHMID (GER) won the low amateur silver medal at the 149th Open Championship played at Royal St. George’s G.C. in Kent, England.


Matthias Schmid and Colin Morikawa (Photo: The R&A / The Open Championship) 

Schmid and Yuxin LIN (CHN) both made the cut but the German finished on +2 whilst Lin could only manage a +6 total.

All of the other amateurs missed the cut as can be seen in the amateur scoreboard summary below.


Click here to view the – The Open Championship Final Scores



29th June 2021


156 players will contest The 149th Open Championship at Royal St. George’s G.C. on 15-18 July 2021.

The following eight amateurs will be competing at this year’s Open: –

The Amateur Champions for 2020 and 2021 – Joe LONG (ENG) and Laird SHEPHERD (ENG)
The European Amateur Champions for 2020 and 2021 – Matthias SCHMID (GER) and Christoffer BRING (DEN)
The Mark McCormack Medal (WAGR) winners for 2019 and 2020 – Cole HAMMER (USA)
The Asia-Pacific Amateur Champion 2019 – Yuxin LIN (CHN)
The Latin America Amateur Champion 2020 – Abel GALLEGOS (ARG)

The U.S. Amateur Champions for 2019 and 2020, Andy OGLETREE (USA) and Tyler STRAFACI (USA), have both turned Pro thus foregoing their exemptions. 2020 McCormack Medal winner Takumi KANAYI (JAP) also turned Pro in September 2020 thus missing out on a visit to Kent.

Final Qualifying
Sam BAIRSTOW (ENG) was the only amateur to come through the Qualifying process.

Sam was exempted into Final Qualifying as one of the leading 10 WAGR ranked players as at Week 2021/21, not otherwise exempt. He then finished tied 2nd at St. Anne’s Old Links after rounds of 63 and 69 (-13) to secure one of the three places on offer at each venue.


Sam Bairstow (centre) (Photo: Richard Martin-Roberts/R&A/R&A via Getty Images)

Low Amateur Silver Medal
My focus now moves onto the race amongst the above amateur players in the Championship itself for the low amateur Silver Medal.

For more information on this prize you may like to take a look at this article – ‘The Open Championship’s Silver Medal’.

For more information on The Open click here – The Open Championship Official Website



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic The R&A introduced a revised Qualifying format.

Most amateur golfers entered the competition at Regional Qualifying, although some were exempted in to Final Qualifying and a lucky handful the Championship itself.

This article follows all of the AMATEUR GOLFERS through The Open Championship 2021 Qualifying events. Information on the Final Qualifying events is at the top of the page with reports on the earlier Regional Qualifying competitions below that.



The same four venues used for Regional Qualifying were used for Final Qualifying which took place on Tuesday 29th June with 36 holes of stroke play golf played by each competitor.

282 players, made up of Regional qualifiers and other exempt players, contested the four competitions. There were 79 amateurs competing; 62 came through Regional Qualifying with the other 17 being exempted into this stage.

All of the Regional qualifiers had the advantage of staying at the same course they played last weekend.

12 players, 3 from each event, were guaranteed places in The Open Championship through Final Qualifying. 


Here are the four FINAL QUALIFYING events with all of the AMATEUR ENTRIES and their exemptions and results noted.

NOTTS G.C. (HOLLINWELL) – 7,250 yards, par 72

Tuesday 29th JuneRESULTS

72 players / 16 amateurs / 3 qualifying places


T4. Ben Rhodes (Headingley) [RQ Sat] 66, 71 -7
T10. Tom Gueant (France) [2019 Boys Amateur] 68, 73 -3
T20. Jack Sallis (Hollinwell) [RQ Sat] 71, 72 -1
T27. Kale Heath (Kings Lynn) [RQ Sun P/Off] 73, 72 +1
T39. Philip White (Burnham & Berrow) [RQ Sun P/Off] 72, 75 +3
T39. Olly Huggins (Frilford Heath) [WAGR] 73, 74 +3
T39. Josh Hill (Trump International Dubai) [RQ Sun] 74, 73 +3
T43. Jordan Boulton (Hollinwell) [RQ Sun] 74, 74 +4
T45. Thomas Pyman (The Oaks) [RQ Sat] 70, 79 +5
T45. Aadam Syed (Foxhills) [RQ Sun] 77, 72 +5
T45. Eliot Baker (Tiverton) [RQ Sun] 75, 74 +5
T49. Darren Coop (Hallowes) [RQ Sun] 75, 75 +6
T53. Greg Peters (Ingestre Park) [RQ Sat] 77, 74 +7
62. Alex Winn (Bristol & Clinton) [RQ Sun] 82, 78 +16
T65. Haider Hussain (The Kendleshire) [WAGR] RTD
T65. Charlie Thornton (Fulford) [RQ Sun] RTD

PRINCE’S G.C. (SHORE & DUNES) – 7,282 yards, par 72


Prince’s Golf Club

Tuesday 29th JuneRESULTS
72 players / 16 amateurs / 3 qualifying places


T20. Oliver Lewis-Perkins (Mid-Kent) [RQ Sat P/off] 73, 75 +4
T20. Ben Quinney (Kings Hill) [RQ Sun] 75, 73 +4
T20. Joshua Bristow [WAGR] 75, 73 +4
T27. Jacob Kelso (Kings Hill) [RQ Sun] 76, 74 +6
T31. George Burns (Crail Golfing Society) [2019 Scottish Amateur] 76, 75 +7
T39. Brandon Meads (Brentwood) [RQ Sun] 78, 75 +9
T39. Shergo Al Kurdi (Jordan) [WAGR] 77, 76 +9
T44. Jack Dyer [2021 Walker Cup] 76, 78 +10
T44. Zach Chegwidden (Orsett) [RQ Sun] 75, 79 +10
47. Jamie Guppy (Littlestone) [RQ Sat] 77, 78 +11
T49. Benjamin Humphrey (Chelmsford) [RQ Sat P/Off] 76, 82 +14
T58. Nic Elliott (Tandridge) [RQ Sun] 80, 81 +17 
60. Jan Brugelmann (Germany) [RQ Sat] 83, 81 +20
T62. Daniel Roberts (The London) [RQ Sat] WD
T62. Alex Kephart (USA) [RQ Sun] RTD
T62. Nick Flynn (West Byfleet) [RQ Sat] RTD

ST. ANNES OLD LINKS – 6,907 yards, par 72

St Annes Old Links Golf Club

Tuesday 29th JuneRESULTS
70 players / 19 amateurs / 3 qualifying places

T2. Sam Bairstow (Hallowes) [WAGR] 63, 69 -13  

5. Stephen Roger (Peebles) [RQ Sat] 69, 66 -9
T6. Alex Fitzpatrick (Hallamshire) [2019 & 2021 Walker Cup] 65, 71 -8
T10. Rhys Nevin (Sandiway) [RQ Sun] 70, 67 -7
T10. Callan Barrow (Royal Lytham & St. Annes) [WAGR] 67, 70 -7 
T27. Joe Harvey (The Kendleshire) [2019 Amateur Runner-Up] 72, 70 -2
T31. Will Marshall (Heworth) [RQ Sun P/Off] 71, 72 -1
T35. Robbie Spence (Furness) [RQ Sun] 66, 78 Ev
T35. Thomas Ratcliffe (Southport & Ainsdale) [RQ Sun] 71, 73 Ev
T40. William McGhie (Lancaster) [RQ Sat] 74, 71 +1
T40. Mark Millhouse (Turton) [RQ Sat] 72, 73 +1
T43. Alex Dixon (City of Newcastle) [RQ Sat] 74, 72 +2
T47. Aiden Hoosen (Manchester) 71 -1 [RQ Sun P/Off] 73, 75 +4
T47. Daniel Thomas (Ilkley) [RQ Sat] 76, 72 T47
T56. Jack McPhail (Southport & Ainsdale) [RQ Sat] 75, 76 +7
T58. Jack Ainscough (The Wynyard) [RQ Sun] 76, 76 +8
60. Andrew Haswell (Ormskirk) [RQ Sun] 77, 76 +9
T61. Fraser McLeod (Hazel Grove) 71 -1 [RQ Sun P/Off] 75, 79 +10
T64. Jake Cope (The Players Club) [2020 English Amateur] NR NR
DNS Ross Clewley (Prestbury) [RQ Sat]
DNS Greg Holmes (Royal Birkdale) [RQ Sat]

WEST LANCASHIRE G.C. – 7,016 yards, par 72

Tuesday 29th JuneRESULTS
68 players / 28 amateurs / 3 qualifying places


T6. Archie Davies [2019 Welsh Amateur] 72, 69 -3
T11. Hugh Foley [2020 Irish Amateur] 70, 72 -2
T11. Tom Hughes (Formby) [RQ Sun] 73, 69 -2
T19. John Carroll (Huyton & Prescot) [RQ Sat] 74, 71 +1
T.19 Joe Retford (Cumberwell Park) [RQ Sat P/Off] 71, 74 +1
T24. Tom Sherreard (Kings Hill) [RQ Sat P/Off] 73, 73 +2 
T.24 Jack Brooks (The Mere) [RQ Sat] 72, 74 +2
T24. Tom Irwin (Alwoodley) [RQ Sun] 73, 73 +2
T28. Arron Edwards-Hill (Chelmsford) [WAGR] 76, 71 +3
T28. Richard Cheetham (Pedham Place) [RQ Sat] 74, 73 +3
T28. Barclay Brown [2020 Walker Cup] 71, 76 +3
T28. Richard Knightly (The Royal Dublin) [RQ Sat] 73, 74 +3
T33. Monty Scowsill (Woodbridge) [2020 Amateur Runner-Up] 74, 74 +4
T33. Liam Gobin (Sandiway) [RQ Sun] 74, 74 +4
T38. Josh Greer (Australia) [RQ Sun] 74, 75 +5
T38. Aidan O’Hagan (Old Course Ranfurly) [RQ Sat P/Off] 75, 74 +5
T38. Chris Chilton (High Legh Park) [RQ Sat P/Off] 73, 76 +5 
44. George Holland (Southport & Ainsdale) [RQ Sun] 72, 79 +7
T45. Robert Galligan (Elm Park) [RQ Sun] 78, 74 +8
T45. Mark Kimpton (Vicars Cross) [RQ Sun] 71, 81 +8 
T45. Christian Johnson (Leasowe) [RQ Sun] 78, 74 +8
T45. Jack Wiggans (Chorley) [RQ Sat P/Off Res. 2] 76, 76 +8
55. Cole Betteridge (Sherwood Forest) [RQ Sun] 79, 75 +10
56. Joe Walsh (West Lancashire) [RQ Sat] 73, 82 +11
57. Josh Street (Heyrose) [RQ Sun] 73, 83 +12
T58. Ryan Tattan (Chelmsford) [RQ Sat] 79, 78 +13
62. Oliver Beech (Worthing) [RQ Sun] 78, 81 +15
63. Declan Buksh (Marsden Park) [RQ Sun] 85, 77 +18


Click here and chose your venue to view the full – Final Qualifying Results



Regional Qualifying for the 2021 Open Championship took place on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th June at four courses in England.

The qualifying venues were Notts G.C. (Hollinwell), Prince’s G.C., St. Annes Old Links G.C. and West Lancashire G.C. with 18 holes being played at each competition.

Any amateur with a handicap index no higher than 0.4 or a WAGR listing of 1st-2,000th during 2021 who paid the £150 entry fee could enter.

1,062 players entered Regional Qualifying with 405 of these being amateurs. 63 amateurs progressed to Final Qualifying.

A total of 207 places in Final Qualifying were made available through Regional Qualifying.


Here are the eight REGIONAL QUALIFYING events with all of the AMATEUR ENTRIES and their results noted.

NOTTS G.C. (HOLLINWELL) – 7,250 yards, par 72


Hollinwell (Notts.) Golf Club

Saturday 26th JuneRESULTS
139 players / 48 amateurs / 25 qualifying places

T5. Greg Peters (Ingestre Park) 69 -3
T10. Ben Rhodes (Headingley) 70 -2
T17. Thomas Pyman (The Oaks) 72 Ev
T17. Jack Sallis (Hollinwell) 72 Ev

T24. Marcus Brigham (Malton and Norton) 73 +1 Res. 6 [AFTER PLAY-OFF 15-FOR-2] 
T24. Sam Humpston (Hollinwell) 73 +1 Res. 11 [AFTER PLAY-OFF 15-FOR-2]

T24. James Claridge (Enville) 73 +1 [AFTER PLAY-OFF 15-FOR-2]
T24. Jacob Austin (Sunningdale) 73 +1 [AFTER PLAY-OFF 15-FOR-2]
T24. Kieron Sutton (Broadway) 73 +1 [AFTER PLAY-OFF 15-FOR-2]
T39. Ian Davidson (City of Newcastle) 74 +2
T39. Harley Yates (Burhill) 74 +2
T39. Max Adams (Got Magog) 74 +2
T48. Dan Ross (Ashridge) 75 +3
T48. Richard Wilson (Ponteland) 75 +3
T48. David Jackson (Hadley Wood) 75 +3
T48. Danny Thompson (Whittington Heath) 75 +3
T48. Jack Pope (Exeter G&CC) 75 +3
T66. Alfie Forisky (Maidenhead) 76 +4
T66. Cameron Steedman (Hollinwell) 76 +4
T66. Luke Allen (Olton) 76 +4
T66. Ollie Brimfield (Mendip Spring) 76 +4
T66. Aled Edwards (The Kendleshire) 76 +4
T76. Luis Witherall (Northants County) 77 +5
T86. George Ackerman (Knebworth) 78 +6
T86. Chris Drabble (Horsley Lodge) 78 +6
T86. Ellis Balding (North Shore) 78 +6
T86. Joss Gosling (Harpenden) 78 +6
T86. Stuart Hale (Burnham & Berrow) 78 +6
T96. Demi Di Matteo (Italy) 79 +7
T96. George Scott (Harpenden) 79 +7
T96. Joshua Freeman (Worlebury) 79 +7
T101. Ryan Alcock (Bawtry Park) 80 +8
T101. Ben Bernamont (The Warwickshire) 80 +8
T107. Nick Davies (Filton) 81 +9
T107. Michael Day (Henbury) 81 +9
T107. Graham Badger (Royal Mid-Surrey) 81 +9
T107. Robert Henderson (Hexham) 81 +9
T107. Richard Duff (Hollinwell) 81 +9
T107. Jack Foster (Ashridge) 81 +9
T119. Steven Knighton (Breadsall Priory) 82 +10
T119. James Marshman (Wrag Barn) 82 +10
T126. Jack Hall (Kilworth Springs) 83 +11
T128. Luke Ryan (Ely City) 85 +13
T128. George Taylor (Olton) 85 +13
T131. Ross Popescu (Enville) 86 +14
T131. Matthew Stephenson (Ramside Hall) 86 +14
T136. Artur Koyama (Luffenham Heath) 88 +16
138. Federico Bellezza (Italy) 91 +19

Sunday 27th JuneRESULTS
137 players / 45 amateurs / 24 qualifying places

T3. Eliot Baker (Tiverton) 69 -3
T6. Darren Coop (Hallowes) 70 -2
T10. Jordan Boulton (Hollinwell) 71 -1 
T10. Charlie Thornton (Fulford) 71 -1
T10. Aadam Syed (Foxhills) 71 -1
T10. Josh Hill (Trump International Dubai) 71 -1
T10. Alex Winn (Bristol & Clinton) 71 -1
T19. Kale Heath (Kings Lynn) 72 Ev [AFTER PLAY-OFF 7-FOR-6]
T19. Philip White (Burnham & Berrow) 72 Ev [AFTER PLAY-OFF 7-FOR-6]

T26. Matthew Downes (Ingestre Park) 73 +1 Res. 8

T26. Ben Quick (Beaconsfield) 73 +1
T38. Connor O’Brien (Mid-Herts) 74 +2
T38. William Walker (Sherwood Forest) 74 +2
T44. Jared Tyacke (West Herts) 75 +3
T44. Ryan Craig (Dunstable Downs) 75 +3
T54. Adam Barnard (Elsham) 76 +4
T54. Joshua Kearns (Stratford-on-Avon) 76 +4
T54. Andy Blackwell (Northants County) 76 +4
T54. Michael Henson (Rockliffe Hall) 76 +4
T65. Fred Tindale (Woodhall Spa) 77 +5
T65. Nev Davies (The Berkshire) 77 +5
T74. Andy Orr (The Shire London) 78 +6
T74. Peter Trego (The Nottinghamshire) 78 +6
T74. George Mason (Wath) 78 +6
T74. Michael Cox (Broome Manor) 78 +6
T74. Ben Newsome (The Shire) 78 +6
T88. Zane Pexman (Australia) 79 +7
T88. Warren Bates (Heacham Manor) 79 +7
T92. Charles Petrie (Luffenham Heath) 80 +8
T92. Garry Cuthbert (Alwoodley) 80 +8
T100. Alex Easter (East Berkshire) 81 +9
T100 Daniel Gathercole (Marriott Worsley Park) 81 +9
T106. Joshua Millington (The Players Club) 82 +10
109. Ryan Staykov (Bulgaria) 83 +11
T110. Connor Jones (The Belfry) 84 +12
T110. Lee White (Frilford Heath) 84 +12
T110. Jack Randall (Chiltern Forest) 84 +12
T110. Matthew Gibson (Royal Blackheath) 84 +12
T115. Matthew McEachran (Royal Wimbledon) 85 +13
T119. Karan Tiwari (Wyke Green) 86 +14
T123. George Wall (Bridgnorth) 87 +15
129. Anthony Cloke (Australia) 92 +20
T131. Ceri Fearnley (Shirehampton) RTD
T131. George Griffiths (Lingdale) WD
T131. James Curran (Gog Magog) WD


PRINCE’S G.C. (SHORE & DUNES) – 7,282 yards, par 72

Saturday 26th JuneRESULTS
140 players / 35 amateurs / 25 qualifying places

T4. Daniel Roberts (The London) 69 -3
T12. Nick Flynn (West Byfleet) 71 -1
T12. Jan Brugelmann (Germany) 71 -1
T12. Jamie Guppy (Littlestone) 71 -1
T19. Benjamin Humphrey (Chelmsford) 72 Ev [AFTER PLAY-OFF 8-FOR-7]
T19. Oliver Lewis-Perkins (Mid-Kent) 72 Ev [AFTER PLAY-OFF 8-FOR-7]

T27. Jamie Roberts (London) 73 +1 Res. 4

T32. Ross Dee (Orsett) 74 +2
T32. Gareth Sheriden (Camberley Heath) 74 +2
T32. Jack Haines (Gerrards Cross) 74 +2
T32. Harley Smith (The Rayleigh Club) 74 +2
T32. Harvey Byers (Walton Heath) 74 +2
T44. Steve Weidner (Ballards Gove) 75 +3
T44. Richard Caldwell (Sunningdale) 75 +3
T44. Yago Rio Aja (Spain) 75 +3
T54. Charlie Croker (Thornsdon Park) 76 +4
T54. Harry Wood (Orsett) 76 +4
T54. Mark Healy (Royal St. George’s) 76 +4
T54. Philip Ashenden (Woodbridge) 76 +4
T64. Sam Statham (Knole Park) 77 +5
T64. Freddie Horler (Berkshire) 77 +5
T64. Jack Holland (Littlestone) 77 +5
T81. George Crow (Rochester & Cobham Park) 78 +6
T81. Thomas Ryan (Knebworth) 78 +6
T81. Dylan Smith (Portlethan) 79 +7
T91. Joseph McDonagh-Brown (Wrotham Heath) 79 +7
T100. Neil Relph (Prince’s) 80 +8
T100. Josh Balson-Scales (Wentworth Club) 80 +8
T100. Harry Bush (Walton Heath) 80 +8
T109. Nathan Longley (Worthing) 81 +9
T116. Matthew Brunt (Bird Hills) 82 +10
T119. Nathan Parrish (Chelmsford) 83 +11
T123. Simon Prestcote (Hanbury Manor) 84 +12
128. Joshua Bisdée (Huntercombe) 87 +15
T133. Tom Goodley (Royal West Norfolk) WD

Sunday 27th JuneRESULTS
134 players / 43 amateurs / 25 qualifying places

T7. Ben Quinney (Kings Hill) 71 -1
T7. Zach Chegwidden (Orsett) 71 -1
T7. Nic Elliott (Tandridge) 71 -1
T14. Brandon Meads (Brentwood) 72 Ev
T14. Jacob Kelso (Kings Hill) 72 Ev
T20. Alex Kephart (USA) 73 +1

T24. Ignatius McGuiness (Harleyford) 74 +2 Res. 2 [AFTER PLAY-OFF 9-FOR-2]
T24. Harry Anstock (Woburn) 74 +2 Res. 7 [AFTER PLAY-OFF 9-FOR-2]

T33. Charlie Roper (The Berkshire) 75 +3
T33. Seve Rixon (Royal Wimbledon) 75 +3
T37. Andy Smith (Bearsted) 76 +4
T37. Luke Spooner (Sundridge Park) 76 +4
T37. Matt Gauntlett (West Herts) 76 +4
T51. Harry Spellman (North Foreland) 77 +5
T51. Kipp Popert (Wildernesse) 77 +5
T51. Joshua Patmore (Knole Park) 77 +5
T51. Alex Cooper (Hindhead) 77 +5
T51. Andrew Whitford (Lilley Brook) 77 +5
T62. Niall Cameron (Royal St George’s) 78 +6
T62. Oliver Daws (Royal Cinque Ports) 78 +6
T62. Teddy Hall (Got Magog) 78 +6
T62. Michael Pask (Royal Wimbledon) 78 +6
T62. Sam Russell (Royal Eastbourne) 78 +6
T72. Tomasz Boniek (Italy) 79 +7
T72. James Ellis (Centurian Club) 79 +7
T83. David North (Royal Wimbledon) 80 +8
T83. Josh Austin-Tierney (Got Magog) 80 +8
T83. Edward Keep (Clandon Regis) 80 +8
T83. Shaun Macklin (Rochester & Cobham Park) 80 +8
T83. Neil Atherton (Stoneham) 80 +8
T101. Lee Meakin (Royal St George’s Permit Holders) 82 +10
T101. Callum Gardiner (Ashford) 82 +10
108. Tony W. Adams (Prince’s) 83 +11
T109. Ben Smith (West Hill) 84 +12
T113. Scott Tindle (Canada) 85 +13
T113. Leslie Howkins (The Richmond) 85 +13
T113. Jack Kenny (Beaverbrook) 85 +13
T119. Eamonn O’Connor (Royal Wimbledon) 87 +15
124. Luke Leverett (Sunningdale Heath) 89 +17
125. Charles Hitchcock (Royal Porthcawl) 90 +18
T127. Julian Hayward (Rockliffe Hall) 93 +21
T128. Shane McCaughan (Royal Cinque Ports Artisan) NR
T128. Michael Price (Australia) DQ


ST. ANNES OLD LINKS – 6,907 yards, par 72

Saturday 26th JuneRESULTS
128 players / 61 amateurs / 26 qualifying places

T2. Stephen Roger (Peebles) 67 -5
T5. Alex Dixon (City of Newcastle) 68 -4
T7. Daniel Thomas (Ilkley) 69 -3
T11. Jack McPhail (Southport & Ainsdale) 70 -2
T11. Ross Clewley (Prestbury) 70 -2
T19. Greg Holmes (Royal Birkdale) 71 -1 
T19. William McGhie (Lancaster) 71 -1
T19. Mark Millhouse (Turton) 71 -1

T31. Hamish Mills (Cardross) 73 +1 Res. 10

T31. Dominic Barron Holden (Kendal) 73 +1
T31. Freddie MacArthur (Ullesthorpe Court) 73 +1
T31. Darren Carlisle (Fairhaven) 73 +1
T31. Ashley Williams (Deane) 73 +1
T39. Gregor Graham (Blairgowrie) 74 +2
T39. Chris Lewis (Fulford) 74 +2
T39. Jay Scott (Tiverton) 74 +2
T39. Harrison Thomas-Cooper (St Annes Old Links) 74 +2
T39. Luke Quint (Ulverston) 74 +2
T39. Arthur Tapner (Ashridge) 74 +2
T51. Jeff Pitt (Close House) 75 +3
T51. Lewis Irvine (Kirkhill) 75 +3
T51. Greg Brown (Cathkin Braes) 75 +3
T51. George Mills (Pyecombe) 75 +3
T51. Samuel Burton (Prestbury) 75 +3
T51. John Heppell (Brancepath Castle) 75 +3
T51. Jamie Van Wyk (Royal Lytham & St Annes) 75 +3
T63. Ryan Owen (Styal) 76 +4
T63. Toby Garrett (Crosland Heath) 76 +4
T63. Chris Brookfield (Blackpool North Shore) 76 +4
T63. Michael Kilgallon (Northcliffe) 76 +4
T63. Jack Wallbank (Ashton and Lea) 76 +4
T63. Paul Frith (Genearn) 76 +4
T75. Adam Charlton (Ramside) 77 +5
T75. Dean Morris (Swansea Bay) 77 +5
T75. Joseph Murray (Blundells Hill) 77 +5
T75. John Ellison (Accrington) 77 +5
T75. Chris Abbott (Lutterworth) 77 +5
T75. Paul Godding (Rugby) 77 +5
T75. Anthony Stirling (Formby) 77 +5
T86. Riaz Rattansi (Queenwood) 78 +6
T86. Lillian LeBoucher (France) 78 +6
T86. Christopher Tod (Duxbury Park) 78 +6
T86. Colin Greenall (St Annes Old Links) 78 +6
T95. Joshua McAspurn (Crosland Heath) 79 +7
T95. Jordan Clements (Northcliffe) 79 +7
T95. Neil Williams (St Annes Old Links) 79 +7
T95. Rob Brightman (The Millbrook) 79 +7
T102. William Nimmo (Chester-le-Street) 80 +8
T102. Sam Stewart (St Annes Old Links) 80 +8
T102. Nicholas Peoples (Royal Lytham & St Annes) 80 +8
T110. Al McCulloch (Knebworth) 82 +10
T110. Alex Croston (Fleetwood) 82 +10
T110. Ben Scanes (Romford) 82 +10
T110. Owen Thomas (Brancepeth Castle) 82 +10
T110. Ben Hinchey (Machynys Peninsula) 82 +10
T116. Archie Palmer (Davenport) 85 +13
T119. Dominic Jesper (Pannal) 87 +15
T119. Will Coxon (Carus Green) 87 +15
T119. Robert O’Donnell (Meldrum House) 87 +15
123. James Morrison (Bothwell Castle) 90 +18
T124. Benito O’Loughlin (Denham) 92 +20

Sunday 27th JuneRESULTS
130 players / 48 amateurs / 25 qualifying places

T6. Rhys Nevin (Sandiway) 68 -4
T6. Robbie Spence (Furness) 68 -4
T10. Jack Ainscough (The Wynyard) 69 -3
T15. Andrew Haswell (Ormskirk) 70 -2
T15. Thomas Ratcliffe (Southport & Ainsdale) 70 -2
T19. Aiden Hoosen (Manchester) 71 -1 [AFTER PLAY-OFF 19-FOR-7]
T19. Fraser McLeod (Hazel Grove) 71 -1 [AFTER PLAY-OFF 19-FOR-7]
T19. Will Marshall (Heworth) 71 -1 [AFTER PLAY-OFF 19-FOR-7]


T19. Scott Brown (Oakdale) 71 -1 [AFTER PLAY-OFF 19-FOR-7]
T38. Warren Bladon (Kenilworth) 72 Ev
T38. Joshua Turnock (Prestbury) 72 Ev
T38. Alex Walker (Rochdale) 72 Ev
T43. George Ash (Hallowes) 73 +1
T43. George Leversuch (South Herts) 73 +1
T50. Seb Crabtree (Woodsome Hall) 74 +2
T50. Harry Uzzell (Wentworth) 74 +2
T50. Matthew Gresty (Childwall) 74 +2
T50. Mark Lamb (Ganstead Park) 74 +2
T50. Ed Dimambro (Gog Magog) 74 +2
T61. Ian Henderson (Blyth) 75 +3
T61. Chris Carney (Morecombe) 75 +3
T61. Ross Allott (Waitemata) 75 +3
T61. Jackson Garnett (Five Lakes) 75 +3
T71. Sean Huntington (Castle Eden) 76 +4
T71. David Marris (Links Newmarket) 76 +4
T71. Thomas Matthews (Aldersey Green) 76 +4
T71. Jonathan Beesley (The Mere) 76 +4
T86. Darren Howie (Peebles) 77 +5
T86. Freddie Lawrence (Garon Park) 77 +5
T86. George Finlay (Carnoustie) 77 +5
T95. Leigh Clayton (Fleetwood) 78 +6
T95. Ben Churchill (Fleetwood) 78 +6
T95. Matthew Buckley (Bolton Old Links) 78 +6
T95. Curtis Thompson (Blackpool North Shore) 78 +6
T95. Jack Kurzberg (Wentworth) 78 +6
T95. William Bowe (Workington) 78 +6
T105. Mark Diamond (Furness) 79 +7
T105. Harrison Leaver (Worcester) 79 +7
T110. William Walne (Longridge) 80 +8
T110. Thomas Winn (Morecombe) 80 +8
T113. Gavin Wilson (Ladybank) 83 +11
T113. AJ Ball (Beauchief) 83 +11
T113. Miles Wade (Longridge) 83 +11
118. Matthew Astall (Rowan) 85 +13
119. Louis Martin (Saffron Walden) 86 +14
120. Thomas Johnson (Astbury) 89 +17
121. Farris Hassan (Bothwell Castle) 90 +18
T122. Ian Matheson (Bonnybridge) NR


WEST LANCASHIRE G.C. – 7,016 yards, par 72


West Lancashire Golf Club

Saturday 26th JuneRESULTS
126 players / 65 amateurs / 29 qualifying places

T3. Richard Cheetham (Pedham Place) 68 -4
T5. Richard Knightly (The Royal Dublin) 69 -3
T5. Ryan Tattan (Chelmsford) 69 -3
T15. John Carroll (Huyton & Prescot) 71 -1
T15. Joe Walsh (West Lancashire) 71 -1
T15. Jack Brooks (The Mere) 71 -1
T22. Aidan O’Hagan (Old Course Ranfurly) 72 Ev [AFTER PLAY-OFF 10-FOR-8]
T22. Chris Chilton (High Legh Park) 72 Ev [AFTER PLAY-OFF 10-FOR-8]
T22. Joe Retford (Cumberwell Park) 72 Ev [AFTER PLAY-OFF 10-FOR-8]
T22. Tom Sherreard (Kings Hill) 72 Ev [AFTER PLAY-OFF 10-FOR-8]

T22. Jack Wiggans (Chorley) 72 Ev Res. 2 [AFTER PLAY-OFF 10-FOR-8]
T22. Ashley Siddle (Stockport) 72 Ev Res. 3 [AFTER PLAY-OFF 10-FOR-8]
T32. Frank Kennedy (Trump National Jupiter) 73 +1 Res. 6
T32. Habebul Islam (Ipswich) 73 +1 Res. 7
T32. Chris Harrison (Leigh) 73 +1 Res. 11

T32. Aaron Siddell (Sonning) 73 +1
T32. Seán Keeling (Roganstown) 73 +1
T32. Oliver Brown (Royal Porthcawl) 73 +1
T39. James Erskine-Low (Woolton) 74 +2
T44. Riccardo Fantinelli (Italy) 75 +3
T44. Robert Holden (Letchworth) 75 +3
T44. Charlie Kelly (Athlone) 75 +3
T50. Daniel Haycocks (Oswestry) 76 +4
T50. Jack Sutttie (Denton) 76 +4
T50. James Jaycock (West Lancashire) 76 +4
T50. James Wilson (Balmore) 76 +4
T50. Callum Bruce (Elsham) 76 +4
T50. Danny Loveday (St Neots) 76 +4
T50. Nick Blackhurst (West Lancashire) 76 +4
T50. Pádraig O’Dochartaigh (Gweedore) 76 +4
T61. Jake Hibbert (Delamere Forest) 77 +5
T61. Gary Skipp (Robin Hood) 77 +5
T61. Patrick Keeling (Roganstown) 77 +5
T61.  Luke Rogers (Kidderminster) 77 +5
T61. Ben Sheriff (Elsham) 77 +5
T71. Ollie White (Pannal) 78 +6
T71. Nandit Sondagar (Stoke Park) 78 +6
T71. Mark Westmoreland (Seaton Carew) 78 +6
T71. Michael McCormack (Hesketh) 78 +6
T71. Robert Cull (Bromborough) 78 +6
T71. Remy Miller (Prestbury) 78 +6
T82. Kane McCumesky (Davenport) 79 +7
T82. Jonny Golding (Hinckley) 79 +7
T91. Kris Diamond (Seaton Carew) 80 +8
T91. Tom Howells (The Worcestershire) 80 +8
T91. Lewis Reid (Glasgow) 80 +8
T97. Tristan Tusa (Royal West Norfolk) 81 +9
T97. Gregg Peel (Wilpshire) 81 +9
T101. Kristian Towers (Crewe) 82 +10
T101. Tim Saunders (Holywell) 82 +10
T101. Neil Walker (Northop) 82 +10
T101. Kevin Whittaker (Formby Hall) 82 +10
T107. Matthew Thornton (Lowes Park) 83 +11
T107. Alfie Simpson (Ham Manor) 83 +11
T109. Josh Wilkinson (Grange Park) 84 +12
T109. Harry Fearn (Leek) 84 +12
T109. Dominic O’Brien (Warrington) 84 +12
T112. Adam Carr (Sale) 85 +13
T116. Darren Humphries (Ludlow) 87 +15
T116. James Gerencser (South Shields) 87 +15
T118. Simon Naylor (Hampton Court Palace) 88 +16
T119. Reece Cranfield (Wigan) NR
T119. Jack Cornes (High Legh Park) NR
T119. Melwin Heyne Sundqvist (Sweden) WD
T119. Hari Pachu (Machynys Peninsula) WD

Sunday 27th JuneRESULTS
128 players / 60 amateurs / 28 qualifying places

T6. Josh Street (Heyrose) 71 -1
T6. Christian Johnson (Leasowe) 71 -1
T6. Liam Gobin (Sandiway) 71 -1
T10. Declan Buksh (Marsden Park) 72 Ev
T10. Robert Galligan (Elm Park) 72 Ev
T17. Tom Hughes (Formby) 73 +1
T17. Cole Betteridge (Sherwood Forest) 73 +1
T17. Mark Kimpton (Vicars Cross) 73 +1
T17. Tom Irwin (Alwoodley) 73 +1
T17. Oliver Beech (Worthing) 73 +1
T17. Josh Greer (Australia) 73 +1
T17. George Holland (Southport & Ainsdale) 73 +1

T29. Danial Parsons (Sudbury) 74 +2 Res. 9

T34. Max King (The Manchester) 75 +3
T34. Andrew Ni (Murrayfield) 75 +3
T34. Tim Fish (Royal Lytham & St Annes) 75 +3
T42. George Johnson (Beaconsfield) 76 +4
T42. Ronnie Casey (Malden) 76 +4
T42. Dan Johnson (Prestbury) 76 +4
T42. Matthew Raybould (Hornsea) 76 +4
T51. James Blyth (Worplesdon) 77 +5
T60. James Holland (Southport & Ainsdale) 78 +6
T60. Jack Lampkin (Bracken Ghyll) 78 +6
T60. Stephen Hargreaves (West Derby) 78 +6
T60. Daniel Maguire (Houghwood) 78 +6
T60. Lewis McNicholas (Crewe) 78 +6
T60. Anthony Watts (Darrington) 78 +6
T60. Daniel Morris (Fairhaven) 78 +6
T60. Thomas Graves (West Lancashire) 78 +6
T60. Steven Capper (Royal Liverpool) 78 +6
T60. Ally MacDonald (Heswell) 78 +6
T74. Robert Reid (Crewe) 79 +7
T74. Jake Wiltshire (Ormskirk) 79 +7
T74. James Reed (Exeter) 79 +7
T74. John Kendall (Crewe) 79 +7
T74. Simon Fairburn (Torwoodlee) 79 +7
T74. Henry Gibbs (Formby Hall) 79 +7
T74. Harry Lord (Rossendale) 79 +7
T86. Stephen Guy (Bootle) 80 +8
T86. Harry Begg (Southport & Ainsdale) 80 +8
T86. Sam Prince (Stockport) 80 +8
T86. John Penny (Torwoodlee) 80 +8
T95. David Jeanrenaud (Houghwood) 81 +9
T95. Lewis Johansen (Caldy) 81 +9
T95. Matthew Hibbs (Broome Manor) 81 +9
T95. Jamie Preston (Crewe) 81 +9
T95. Simon Bright (Brockett Hall) 81 +9
T101. Andrew Houghton (Huyton & Prescot) 82 +10
T101. Sebastian Sandin (Dunblane New) 82 +10
T101. Jackson Berry (Torwoodlee) 82 +10
T106. Matthew Stewart (Beamish Park) 83 +11
T106. Jake Chute (Tandridge) 83 +11
T106. Chris Duffy (Park) 83 +11
T110. Tim Newton (South Herts) 84 +12
T110. Oliver Reid (Crewe) 84 +12
T110. Ian Robinson (Kirkby Lonsdale) 84 +12
T115. James Jones (Royal Birkdale) 86 +14
T115. Liam Debattista (The Lambourne) 86 +14
T118. Jack Brown (Brampton Heath GC) 87 +15


Click here and chose your venue to view the full – Regional Qualifying Results



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The Amateur Championship – 2021 Preview & Results

Saturday 19th June 2021

Laird SHEPHERD (ENG) won the 2021 Amateur Championship at Nairn Golf Club.

The 23 year old from Rye G.C. beat Monty SCOWSILL (ENG) on the 38th Hole of an engrossing Final.

Shepherd, a graduate of Stirling University and a resident of St. Andrews, can now look forward to competing in the 149th Open Championship at Royal St. George’s G.C. next month, the 2022 Masters Tournament at Augusta National G.C. and also the 2022 U.S. Open Championship at The Country Club in Brookline, near Boston.


Laird Shepherd (Photo: The Nairn G.C.)

Play started at 8.30am and Scowsill came shooting out of the blocks building a 4Up lead after nine holes helped by four birdies in five holes from the 5th.

After further birdies at the 10th and 15th the Woodbridge G.C. man from Suffolk found himself 8Up on the 18th tee.

Shepherd then won the 18th with a par to go into lunch 7Down but perhaps having now won his first hole of the match felt that all was not yet lost.

Shepherd who started the Final as the favourite, based on rankings of SPWAR #2,850 / WAGR #846 v. Scowsill’s SPWAR #4,180 / WAGR #1,181, was certainly not going to rollover without a fight.

However, there was no sign of a Shepherd comeback or a Scowsill faltering in the opening holes of the afternoon round with the first four holes all halved.

It was on the next hole where Shepherd got his comeback underway. A birdie on the 383 yard par 4 5th reduced Scowsill’s lead to 6Up with 13 holes to play.

Two consecutive birdies on 8 and 9 reduced the lead to 4up with 9 holes to play and all of a sudden it was ‘game on’.

Despite losing the par 3 11th to a bogey Shepherd was handed the hole straight back on the next when Scowsill bogeyed.

After pars were shared on the 13th and 14th holes Scowsill finally looked as if he must have done enough – 4Up with four holes to play. Under the pressure of knowing any mistakes would probably be terminal such an advantage would surely prove too big a mountain for Shepherd to climb.

The unbelievable then happened. A combination of good play from Shepherd and badly timed mistakes from Scowsill saw the match amazingly end All Square in regulation.

At this point there was only going to be one winner and indeed that proved to be the case. A shell-shocked Scowsill three putted the 2nd extra hole to hand Shepherd the victory after he had already pared the hole.

After the match Shepherd said “Honestly, at lunch I thought this was over. I was just trying to avoid an embarrassing score line. I can’t believe this really. Monty played so well this morning. My caddie did a great job getting in my ear. So did my girlfriend (Chloe Goadby, who won the Scottish Women’s Amateur a few weeks ago) and my Dad. They were telling me not to give up. But I still couldn’t really see it happening. To win is amazing enough, but to come back like this is completely surreal.”


Monty Scowsill v. Laird Shepherd – Hole-By-Hole Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)

Click here to view the – 2021 Amateur Championship Match Play Scores



Friday 18th June 2021

Afternoon – Semi-Finals

Monty SCOWSILL (ENG) and Laird SHEPHERD (ENG) were the two Semi-Final winners this afternoon.


Match Play Semi-Finals Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)

Scowsill, who graduated from the University of Exeter in 2019, got off to a great start in his match against James ASHFIELD (WAL) moving into a 2Up lead after a birdie on the 3rd. However some poor play on the 8th and 9th saw the Englishman lose his advantage. The back nine turned into a scrappy affair as the magnitude of the occasion possibly started to influence proceedings. However, Scowsill helped by birdies on the 10th and 15th moved back in front and despite a stumble on the 16th saw out a 2 Holes victory as Ashfield was forced to press down the last.


Monty Scowsill v. James Ashfield – Hole-By-Hole Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)

Laird SHEPHERD (ENG) added Jack DYER (ENG) to his growing list of impressive wins this week which already included highly regarded England Internationals Arron Edwards-Hill and Sam Bairstow.

Shepherd took the early lead but when he went 1Down after Dyer birdied the 10th I am sure most people’s expectations were that the recent GB&I Walker Cup player would then move forward serenely to the Final. However, Shepherd proved not to be in an accommodating mood and at his competitive best birdied both the 15th and 18th, where he played two high quality shots into the home green to secure a memorable 1Hole win.


Laird Shepherd v. Jack Dyer – Hole-By-Hole Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)


Morning – Quarter Finals

Here are the Quarter Final results: –


Match Play Quarter Final Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)  

Looking at each of the four games in more detail: –


Monty Scowsill v. John Paterson – Hole-By-Hole Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)

Monty SCOWSILL (ENG), the lowest ranked player left in the field at SPWAR #4,180 / WAGR #1,181, was given some early encouragement by a poor start from John PATERSON (SCO), ranked SPWAR #857 / WAGR #567, and saw out the match nicely.


James Ashfield v. Calum Scott – Hole-By-Hole Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)

James ASHFIELD (WAL), SPWAR #2,322 / WAGR #1,431, was clearly not in the mood to make friends this morning disposing of the home favourite 17 year old Calum SCOTT (SCO), SPWAR #319 / WAGR #655, by 2&1. If the hole-by-hole scoring is to be believed Ashfield’s double bogey on the 12th are the first shots he has dropped in his last two games. That level of consistency is going to work around a tough course like Nairn where a par will often win you a hole.


Laird Shepherd v. Sam Bairstow – Hole-By-Hole Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)

St. Andrews-based Laird SHEPHERD (ENG), currently ranked SPWAR #2,850 / WAGR #846, showed great determination in overcoming Sam BAIRSTOW (ENG), SPWAR #90 / WAGR #141, having been 3Down after six holes and 1Down after 14.


Jack DYER (ENG), ranked SPWAR #42 / WAGR #168, was the last player Olly HUGGINS (ENG), SPWAR #96 / WAGR #137, needed to give a head start to. Having been ‘handed’ a 4UP lead after four holes it would have been a major surprise if the confident and in form Dyer had done anything other than see out this match easily.



Thursday 17th June 2021

Afternoon – Round 3

Here are the Round 3 results: –


Match Play Round 3 Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)  

Looking at the hole-by-hole scores for each Last 16 match: –


Ben Quinney v. Monty Scowsill – Hole-By-Hole Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)

Ben QUINNEY (ENG) was left to rue a couple of bogeys on 13 and 14 as Monty SCOWSILL‘s consistency on the back nine eventually wore him down.


John Paterson v. Josef Hacker – Hole-By-Hole Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)

This was an all US college match up with both players returning Juniors in September. 21 year old John PATERSON (SCO), who is at Colorado University, produced plenty of birdies in overcoming Jersey-based Josef HACKER (ENG), who is studying at Jacksonville University.


Jack Bigham v. James Ashfield – Hole-By-Hole Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)

James ASHFIELD (WAL) enjoyed his second 4&3 victory of the day, this time over Jack BIGHAM (ENG) who appears to have played reasonably well himself. I am sure Ashfield would have beaten most of the remaining players this afternoon with his impressive 5-under for 15 holes performance.


Calum Scott v. Harley Smith – Hole-By-Hole Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)

Nairn’s very own Calum SCOTT (SCO) was again taken to the 19th hole today but was once more up to the task. 15 year old Harley SMITH (ENG) perhaps lacked the experience to close out the match having taken the lead on the 17th.


Laird Shepherd v. Arron Edwards-Hill – Hole-By-Hole Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)

Stirling graduate Laird SHEPHERD (ENG) who has had to overcome some serious back and knee injuries in recent years used all of his links golf experience to get passed Arron EDWARDS-HILL (ENG). With Shepherd having played only a few events in recent years I am sure Edwards-Hill would not have been expecting a near flawless performance to be coming his way this afternoon.


Ryan Tattan v. Sam Bairstow – Hole-By-Hole Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)

Sam BAIRSTOW (ENG) appeared to have his match won against Ryan TATTAN (ENG) when he birdied the 8th and 9th to go 3Up. He then lost three holes in a row before recovering with a pitch-in eagle on the 15th to regain the advantage. It looks like a great finish with both players battling all the way to the clubhouse.


Callan Barrow v. Olly Huggins – Hole-By-Hole Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)  

Olly HUGGINS (ENG), who holed an 8 foot birdie putt on the 18th hole on Tuesday evening to qualify for the Match Play Stage and had already endured two close games, will be relieved to have conserved some energy by pulling away from Scottish Open Amateur champion Callan BARROW (ENG) down the back nine.


Robert Moran v. Jack Dyer – Hole-By-Hole Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)

Jack DYER (ENG) continues to look like the class act in the field and wasn’t overly troubled by Irishman Rob MORAN. Moran backed up his recent win in the ISPS Handa Ulster Men’s Stroke Play Championship with a good run at Nairn but Dyer was just too good for him today.


Morning – Round 2


Match Play Round 2 Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)  

Josef HACKER (ENG), Jack BIGHAM (ENG) and Callan BARROW (ENG) enjoyed the biggest wins in Round 2 this morning.

Harley SMITH (ENG) beating Haider HUSSAIN (ENG) by 2&1 was perhaps the biggest surprise of the series.



Wednesday 16th June 2021

After a course record 62 yesterday and medalist honours there was an inevitability about Matthew CLARK‘s (SCO) 5&4 defeat to Mason ESSAM (ENG) in Round 1 of the Match Play Stage of The Amateur Championship. The fact Essam played beautifully and putted the lights out was probably irrelevant. That ladies and gentleman is golf.

Jack BIGHAM (ENG) and Connor WILSON (SCO) arguably produced the best two wins of the day. Bigham beat Archie DAVIES (WAL) who had finished the US college season strongly for East Tennessee State whilst Wilson took the even bigger scalp of Mark POWER (IRL), hot off the back of his Walker Cup heroics for GB&I.

Calum SCOTT (SCO) demonstrated that he is likely to be a force to be reckoned for a little while longer by beating the former Boys’ Amateur champion and 2019 Walker Cup player Conor GOUGH (ENG) 3&2. Conor is not the player he was a few years ago but nevertheless this was another impressive step forward for the Nairn man.

Ominously for the remaining players the highly rated English group of Haider HUSSAIN (ENG), Arron EDWARDS-HILL (ENG), Sam BAIRSTOW (ENG), Callan BARROW (ENG), Olly HUGGINS (ENG) and Jack DYER (ENG) are all safely through to the last 32.

Here are the full Round 1 results: –



Match Play Round 1 Results (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)  



Tuesday 15th June 2021

Experienced Scottish International Matthew CLARK, a 39 year old TSB bank manager, has played many great rounds in his illustrious amateur career. Today’s bogey free course record 62 (-9) at Nairn to secure medalist honours in the Amateur Championship may very well be the best of the lot.

A delighted Clark, who has never qualified before, said “I hit a lot of good golf shots, played conservatively and avoided the bunkers, which you need to do around this golf course. It’s a nice place to get a course record, but I think you’d give the 62 up to hold the trophy on Saturday. That’s what we’ve all come here for and they’ll be gunning for the guy who did something good today, so let’s see how it goes.”

img_5329 Matthew Clark’s Stroke Play Qualifying Scorecard (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)  

Aron Snær JÚLÍUSSON (ICL) 65 and Jack DYER (ENG), Gregor TAIT (SCO), Luke HARRIES (WAL), Joe SULLIVAN (ENG) and Rory BROWNE (ENG) all 67 clearly enjoyed the calmer conditions in Round 2.

Round 1 leader Calum SCOTT (SCO) did what he needed to posting a 72 to finish on -3 and 5th.

57 year old Derek PATON (SCO) was by some distance the oldest qualifier finishing on 147 (+5) to secure the 57th seed.

With a Round 2 card countback being used for the first time to ensure a clean 64 player match play draw could be made there was always the potential for some late drama and so it proved. Four of the last six players on the course, John CLEARY (IRL), Olly HUGGINS (ENG), Ryan TATTAN (ENG) and Tom STAGG (ENG), all finished strongly – Cleary and Tattan both eagled the 18th – to jump the right side of the 148 (+6) qualifying line. Huggins produced the best comeback in the field following up is opening 80 with a 68 to scrape through.

Nine players on +6 missed out due to the countback rule; the most unfortunate being Jack BROOKS (ENG), Jacob DAVIES (WAL), Jamie MANN (SCO) and Stuart EASTON (SCO) who all lost their places as the final two groups came in.

The average score in Round 2 was 72.65, four shots better than in Round 1. With the westerly wind less of a factor it was no surprise to see all of those four shots being saved on the front nine.

Here is a list of all the Stroke Play qualifiers with their final scores: –


Final Stroke Play Qualifying Leaderboard (Photo: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)

Click here to view the – 2021 Amateur Championship Stroke Play Qualifying Results



Monday 14th June 2021

17 year old home favourite Calum SCOTT (SCO) played the opening shot of the 126th Amateur Championship. Little did he know at 7.00am that 14 hours later he would be leading the Stroke Play Qualifying having only played another 66 shots on his way to a bogey free round of 67 (-4).

img_5316Calum Scott’s Round 1 Scorecard (Graphic: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)  

By the close of play just four competitors from the other 143 had managed to record an under par round. Jack DYER (ENG) finished the day on -3 with 15 year old Florida-based Frank KENNEDY (ENG), Liam O’NEILL (IRL) and Max KENNEDY (IRL) two shots further back after 70’s.

The prevailing westerly wind blew hard today which meant the opening seven holes became a battle with the players having to limit the damage whilst hoping for better things when they turned for home with the wind in their sails.

Josh GREER epitomised these struggles but also demonstrated his strong mental approach. He started and finished with triple bogey 7’s in a front nine of 43. Lesser players would have perhaps given up but not the Australian; he played the back nine in 31 with five birdies and left Nairn with a respectable 74 in 25th place.

The average score in Round 1 was 76.66, 5.66 over par. On the front nine it was 39.93, 4.93 shots over par. Coming home it was 36.73, even with the more favourable conditions still 0.73 over par.

The leading 25 players after 18 holes are shown below: –


Round 1 Stroke Play Qualifying Leaderboard (Photo: The R&A / Golfbox Scoring)



Sunday 13th June 2021

The 126th Amateur Championship will be played at The Nairn G.C. near Inverness in Scotland on 14th – 19th June 2021.

The Amateur is the most prestigious amateur golf event played outside of the United States and without question the highlight of the Great British and Irish (GB&I) amateur season.

The 2021 Championship was originally due to be co-hosted by The Nairn G.C. and Nairn Dunbar G.C. but due to the continuing impact of COVID-19 and the likelihood of international travel restrictions remaining in place The R&A took the decision, as they did last year, to play the Championship solely at Nairn with a reduced field.


The normal field of 288 players has been reduced to 144 players this year. It was 120 last year at Royal Birkdale G.C. when the Championship was played in late August and there was less light available.

Two stroke play qualifying rounds will be completed on Monday 14th June and Wednesday 15th June.

Nairn member Calum SCOTT (SCO), will hit the first shot of the Championship at 7.00am. With an 11 minute gap between tee times the final group will go out at 3.52pm on each of the opening days.

Click here to view the – 2021 Amateur Championship SP Qualifying Tee Times

The 64 players with the lowest 36 hole scores will advance to the match play stage.

A Round 2 card countback will be used for the first time to ensure a clean 64 players advance. Ties for 64th place will not advance as they have done previously and as a result there will be no preliminary round and a standard match play draw will be made. The card count back approach was due to be used in 2020 but the decision was rescinded when the Stroke Play Qualifying competition had to be reduced to 18 holes due to bad weather.

The Match Play stage will then be played between Wednesday 16th and Saturday 19th June.

Matches will be played over 18 holes except for Sunday’s Final which will be contested over 36 holes. Extra sudden death holes will be used in all games if necessary.


The Nairn G.C. 2nd Hole and Clubhouse (Photo: The Nairn G.C.) 


The 144 competitiors were firstly drawn from a number of exempt categories covering various historic Championship performances and representative team selections.

Thereafter places were allocated to those players ranked 1st – 2,000th in the WAGR as at Week 19 2021, i.e. the Wednesday 19th May release, and then via WHS Handicap index at the date of entry.

I take no pleasure in saying this but the COVID-19 international travel restrictions and the early playing of the Walker Cup mean this is undoubtedly the weakest field that has ever assembled for an Amateur Championship.

92% of the field are from the home nations; England have 70 players in the field (49%), Scotland 36, Ireland 16 and Wales 9.

There are just 12 overseas players from a total of six countries with Iceland providing six of these. 34 countries were represented in 2019 highlighting the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the reduction in field size.

At the start of play just three of the field were in the WAGR top 100 and just 14 in the top 250. 26 of the players competing do not even have a WAGR ranking. With Sandy SCOTT (SCO) #7 withdrawing on the eve of the competition the highest ranked player in the field is now Jack COPE #29.

Jack DYER (ENG) and Mark POWER (IRL), who reached the semi-finals in 2020, are the only two from the sixteen players selected for the 2021 GB&I Walker Cup Team and earlier Squad that will be teeing off.

The defending champion Joe LONG (ENG) will be using his exemption to appear in the 2021 U.S. Open Championship at Torrey Pines G.C. which starts on 17th June. Last year’s runner up Joe HARVEY (ENG) does return.

Based on the SPWAR, in my opinion the most accurate ranking of amateur golfers, the favourites this year should be Jack DYER (ENG) #54, Mark POWER (IRL) #60, Callan BARROW (ENG) #82, who reached the quarter finals at Birkdale and recently won the Scottish Open Amateur at Southerness, Sam BAIRSTOW (ENG) #90, Olly HUGGINS (ENG) #97, Arron EDWARDS-HILL (ENG) #98, Archie DAVIES (WAL) #99, Jack COPE (ENG) #101, who won the St Andrews Links Trophy last weekend, Haider HUSSAIN (ENG) #105 and Dan BRADBURY (ENG) #113.

Fraser FOTHERINGHAM and Calum SCOTT (SCO) are both members of The Nairn G.C. Only time will tell if home advantage proves to be a benefit for the two of them or a distraction as higher expectations locally can often weigh heavily on the shoulders.

Sadly Calum’s brother Sandy, who played in the 2019 Walker Cup match and was selected for the recent one at Seminole before having to withdraw, was due to play but ultimately missed out again due to his longstanding wrist injury which has now prevented him from playing competitively since last October.

One of the last player to make the field was Louis SANDERS (ENG) who got the nod at 12.30pm on Sunday afternoon. Louis plays out of Copt Heath G.C. in Warwickshire, the home club of amateur legend Peter McEvoy and less importantly my good self.

Another Warwickshire player who is competing is Kenilworth’s Warren Bladon; the 1996 winner is the only former champion in the field.

As we all know Championships are not won on paper or via rankings. The 126th Amateur Championship looks a particularly open one to me and, even more so than normal, virtually any of the players could win it if they have a good week, hole a few putts and benefit from some kind bounces at the right time.

Host Course

The Nairn G.C. is located in The Highlands, around 160 miles north of Scotland’s capital Edinburgh.

The most notable features are the gorse and the Moray Firth which is visible from every hole and in play, for a particularly wild shot, on the opening seven. As these holes play into the prevailing westerly wind such a shot occurs more often than one may think possible at first sight.


The Nairn G.C. Course Map (Photo: The Nairn G.C. / Strokesport Ltd)

Nairn was established by an Edinburgh born lawyer Robert Findlay in 1887 with Old Tom Morris, James Braid, Ben Sayers, Braid again and finally architect C.K. Cotton in the 1970’s all having a hand in the development of the course over the years.

The course was lengthened ahead of the 1999 Walker Cup match which GB&I memorably won 15-9.

The Championship course measures 6,832 yards and has a par of 71.


The Nairn G.C. Scorecard (Photo: The Nairn G.C.)

Weather Forecast (as at Sunday 13th June)

The weather forecast for the week ahead is positively tropical for this part of the world with the only exception being the strong winds which are forecast for Monday, particularly around lunchtime: –

Mon 13th – Sunny Intervals. Wind 20-40 mph W. Temp. Min. 8°C / Max. 16°C.
Tues 14th – Sunny Intervals. Wind 12 mph S. Temp. Min. 12°C / Max. 16°C.
Wed 15th – Sunny Intervals. Wind 16 mph SW. Temp. Min. 10°C / Max. 18°C.
Thu 16th – Sunny Intervals. Wind 12 mph W. Temp. Min. 7°C / Max. 16°C.
Fri 17th – Sunny Intervals. Wind 11 mph W. Temp. Min. 8°C / Max. 15°C.
Sat 18th – Light Cloud. Wind 14 mph S. Temp. Min. 9°C / Max. 15°C.

Click here to view the – Latest BBC Weather Forecast For Nairn

Tee times between 7.00am and 3.52pm mean changes in the weather can have a material impact on the stroke play qualifying scoring.

Prizes / Exemptions

A momento is presented by The R&A to the leading player in the stroke play qualifying competition, with any ties decided on the lowest second round score (or final nine, six or three or one if necessary).

The winner of the match play stage will become the The Amateur Champion receiving the Championship Trophy and a Gold Medal.

The runner-up receives a Silver Medal and each losing semi-finalist a Bronze Medal.

The winner of The Amateur Championship will be exempt into the 149th Open Championship being staged at Royal St. George’s G.C. in Kent, England in July 2021. As The Open was cancelled last year there will be two Amateur champions in the field, Joe LONG joining this year’s winner.

Traditionally, the champion is also invited to compete in the following year’s Masters Tournament at Augusta National G.C. and also exempted into the 2022 U.S. Open Championship which will be held at The Country Club in Brookline, near Boston.

2020 Amateur Championship

23 year old Joe LONG (ENG) won the 2020 Amateur Championship at Royal Birkdale G.C. to become the 51st Englishman to lift the famous silver trophy.


Joe Long (Photo: Richard Heathcote / The R&A / R&A via Getty Images)

Joe beat his namesake and Gloucestershire teammate Joe HARVEY (ENG) 4&3 in the 36 hole Final.

It was the first all-England final since Graeme Storm defeated Aran Wainwright 7&6 at Royal County Down in 1999. The last English champion was Harry Ellis who won at Royal St George’s in 2017.

Long shot a 74 (-3) in the stroke play qualifying, which was reduced to 18 holes due to bad weather, to finish tied 30th. In reaching the Final he had to overcome three of England’s leading players Olly HUGGINS, Barclay BROWN and Jake BOLTON.

Click here to view the – 2020 Amateur Championship Match Play Scores

A then 16 year old Ruben LINDSAY (SCO), who was the reigning Scottish Boys’ Amateur champion, shot a 67 (-4) to win the 18 hole Stroke Play Qualifying competition.

2020 was the first time that The R&A had been unable to complete the 36 hole Stroke Play Qualifying since introducing it in 1983. Round 1 was abandoned late in the afternoon on Day 1 after heavy rain and strong winds made the course unplayable.

As a result 68 players progressed to the Match Play Stage with the cut coming at scores of 76 (+5) or better.

Click here to view the – 2020 Amateur Championship Stroke Play Qualifying Results

A Short History of The Amateur

The Amateur Championship was first played in April 1885 at Royal Liverpool G.C. Allan Macfie (SCO) was the first champion beating Horace Hutchinson (ENG) 7&6 in the Final.

Up until the Second World War it was a hugely prestigious event and in many of these early years was afforded a much higher standing in the game than The Open Championship. Players like Johnny Ball (ENG), Harold Hilton (ENG) and Freddie Tait (SCO) were all amateurs and as good if not better than most of the professionals of the day.

With only modest rewards available in the professional game many of the better players simply stayed amateur. The great American Bobby Jones, who won The Amateur in 1930 on the way to his Grand Slam, remains the most well known career amateur.

Even after the war players remained amateur for much longer and famous names like Frank Stranahan (USA), Joe Carr (IRE), Sir Michael Bonallack (ENG) and Peter McEvoy (ENG) all built their reputations on Amateur Championship wins.

With the growth and transformation of the professional game from the early 1980s onwards both the better players and the media increasingly started to turn their backs on the amateur game.

Save for exceptional cases like Gary Wolstenholme (ENG) all continuity has been lost over the last 30 years and most of the young golfing stars of today rarely play any more than 2 or 3 Amateurs before being lured into the pro ranks by the huge rewards on offer.


The Amateur Championship Trophy (Photo: The Nairn G.C.) 

Past Winners

The greatest player in the history of The Amateur is Johnny Ball. The Hoylake man won the Championship a record 8 times between 1888 and 1912.

Only three other players have won the competition more than twice; Sir Michael Bonallack (5), Harold Hilton (4) and Joe Carr (3). Bonallack amazingly won it three years in a row between 1968-1970. The last person to retain The Amateur was Peter McEvoy in 1977 and ’78.

Prior to Joe Long’s win in 2020 the previous 10 winners of The Amateur Championship were: –

2019  James Sugrue (IRL) – Portmarnock G.C.
2018  Jovan Rebula (RSA) – Royal Aberdeen G.C.
2017  Harry Ellis (ENG) – Royal St. George’s G.C.
2016  Scott Gregory (ENG) – Royal Porthcawl G.C.
2015  Romain Langasque (FRA) – Carnoustie G.L.
2014  Bradley Neil (SCO) – Royal Portrush G.C.
2013  Garrick Porteous (ENG) – Royal Cinque Ports G.C.
2012  Alan Dunbar (IRL) – Royal Troon G.C.
2011  Bryden Macpherson (AUS) – Hillside G.C.
2010  Jin Jeong (KOR) – Muirfield

A great achievement and honour for all of the players listed above. However, it’s also another reminder of how incredibly tough golf is and that wins in the biggest events are no guarantee of success in the professional game.

Click here to view a complete list of – Past Amateur Championship Winners


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Jake Bolton – 20 Questions

10th June 2021


Age – 22 (d.o.b. 31st July 1998)

Hometown – Swindon

Golf Club – Ogbourne Downs GC, Wiltshire, England.

Equipment – Taylor Made woods, irons and ball. Scotty Cameron putter. Adidas apparel.

Current WHS Handicap Index = -6.8

Highest Amateur Rankings – SPWAR #13 / WAGR #51

Turned Pro – 10th June 2021


Jake Bolton With The Scottish Open Amateur Trophy In August 2019 (Photo: Scottish Golf)

1 How did you get into golf ?

My father. I was given a cut down 7-iron when I was 7 years old. I hit some shots in the park behind our house and soon realised it was what I wanted to do. I joined Ogbourne Downs when I was 10 and started playing in competitions from 12.

2 Describe your progression to the top of the amateur game ?

I just got better each year as I started playing in competitions, moving up through the junior, county, national and international levels. 2016 was my breakthrough year where I had top 10s in the Henry Cooper and Carris Trophy. Playing against the best players in Great Britain and also internationally is something you need to do to improve and I’m thankful I’ve been given those opportunities.

3 Did you consider going to a US College ?

Yes, I had a few offers. Ole Miss being one of the big ones where Braden Thornberry, who was World No. 1 at the time, was playing. Unfortunately it didn’t work out with the NCAA and I couldn’t get clearance despite getting my SATs. It was tough at the time because I didn’t know what level I could get to over here as I hadn’t been selected for a national squad at that time. Ole Miss still follow my progress today which is nice.

4 How have you funded your amateur career ?

The hardest bit about amateur golf is the financial part for almost every player. Luckily I have a supportive family, some club members have helped out and for most of my amateur career I was part of Golfing4Life. They were incredible with their support and thank you isn’t enough for those people. Hopefully I can give back to them somewhere along the line.

5 Who is your current coach and what other support have you received over the years ?

I have worked with Russell Covey since 2018 who has been very influential in my progress. He’s not just helped me technically and physically but also psychologically too. Obviously being part of the England Golf set up in recent years has been helpful too. Practicing alongside people you compete against and attending warm weather training camps drives you forwards. Graham Walker and Mike Kanski have been great in terms of understanding the short game and putting and where and how I need to improve.

6 What have been the highlights of your career to date ?

I have three main highlights. Winning the 2019 Scottish Open Amateur after being left out of the England team for the Men’s Home internationals, which was being played the following week. Also going to South Africa in early 2020 was an amazing experience. Finally, playing in the 2021 Walker Cup at Seminole was an incredible week which I’ll never forget.

Jake Bolton Holes A Great Putt On The 17th Hole In The Day 1 Foursomes

7 What would you consider to be your biggest failure and how did you respond to it ?

In golf success only happens when you win, so failure is a common thing. I have simply tried to use these failures to improve. My biggest failure was not being part of the final 10 for the Walker Cup, a huge disappointment. Fortunately I ended up getting the chance to play in the Saturday morning foursomes [after alternates were called upon after a sickness bug disrupted both teams’ preparations] and did what was asked of me delivering a winning point alongside Angus Flanagan.

Jake Bolton Hits A Clutch 5-Iron Onto The 18th Green In The Day 1 Foursomes

8 What are your strengths and weaknesses and how are you managing them ?

My strengths are putting and iron play. I wouldn’t say I have a particular weakness as such. However, I didn’t drive the ball as well as I would have liked last year so that’s the main area I’m working on.

9 What’s the best golf or mental tip you have ever received ?

Ben Hogan’s “The most important shot in golf is the next one.” I often say it to myself when I am playing. It seems to calm me down and help with my focus.

10 What advice would you give a junior golfer starting out today ?

Work hard, believe in yourself and enjoy it.

11 Which other player has impressed you the most ?

Matty Lamb for his all round improvement in the last year or so. Internationally, Casey Jarvis, whose aggressive play, like all the South Africans, was an eye opener for me. They often seem to play on scorable courses over there which helps with that mindset I guess.

12 Tell us about your recent Walker Cup experience ?

The Walker Cup was an unbelievable experience even with the COVID-19 restrictions in place. It probably helped that it was in the USA just because the restrictions aren’t as severe over there. The USGA, R&A and Seminole did a brilliant job in keeping us safe all week. The whole team was supportive of each other and I have memories that will be with me for the rest of my life. We met some of the all time greats like Jack Nicklaus who was really nice. Obviously it doesn’t get much better than playing; the buzz was incredible and I can’t wait to feel the energy from spectators again.


Jack Nicklaus and Jake Bolton At Seminole In May 2021

13 Why are you turning Pro ?

I feel now is the time that I have to make the transition. I feel ready with a great team behind me and I feel I have enough experience to go and compete against the world’s best players.

14 Who have you chosen to represent you and what have they offered you ?

I have chosen Hambric Sports to represent me. I had to make some extremely difficult decisions over the course of the winter and they affected me mentally for a short period [most of the Golfing4Life players joined Trinifold Sports run by Jimmy Byers]. I chose Hambric because of their experience as a team. They represent some of the worlds best players too.

15 What are your goals for the next 5 years ?

I see golf as being like a ladder. I have been at the top of the ladder in the amateur game but when I start playing with the pros I’m going to be on the first step of the ladder again and I know I will have to work my way up to the top step again. I don’t set long term goals but obviously in five years time I would like to be on the European or PGA Tour. In the short to medium term I will be working towards a Challenge Tour card which will put me on the second or third step of the ladder.

16 Which professional do you admire the most and why ?

I admire Tiger Woods and always have done. His ability and the way he approaches the game mentally is what I’m trying to achieve.

17 What’s your favourite course and why ?

This is a tough one, I’d probably say Royal Birkdale or maybe Medalist G.C. in Florida. Birkdale because of its history and it’s a course I just love playing. Medalist because of its location and the precision it requires to play it.

18 Which course is top of your ‘wish list’ and why ?

I have three – Royal Melbourne, Pebble Beach and Augusta National.

19 What other interests away from golf do you have ?

I don’t have many other interests away from golf. I like to relax and spend time with family and friends. I enjoy the PlayStation playing Warzone – it gets me away from golf for a short while.

20 Is there anything else you’d like to get off your chest ?

There is nothing else I’d like to get off my chest apart from hair !


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The St. Andrews Links Trophy – 2021 Preview & Results

6th June 2021


Jack COPE won the 2021 St Andrews Links Trophy after coming through a sudden death play-off on the Old Course’s 1st and 18th holes against Robin WILLIAMS and George BURNS.

Speaking to the tournament organisers Jack said “I was committed to every shot I hit out there over those four holes. I probably played the best I played all week tee to green. I guess that was a nice time to really peak. I love the home of golf. I particularly like the Old Course, mainly because I normally score alright round there which helps. Just walking over that bridge, taking photos, thinking about all the players who have won here and played here. This is very special to me.”

jack cope winner_06.05.21

Jack Cope With The St Andrews Links Trophy (Photo: Cope Family)

Cope and Williams parred the 1st to eliminate the Scotsman Burns.

The English pair then halved the 18th in birdie and the 1st in par before Cope prevailed with a birdie on the 18th, the fourth extra hole they played. Cope’s drive to 25 feet on the home hole this time proving to be decisive.

Round 4

Reigning English Amateur champion Jack COPE shot a bogey free final round of 67 to take the early clubhouse lead on Sunday evening. Cope had entered the final day tied 13th on -2 and five shots behind the overnight leader Charlie THORNTON.

As the later players came in Robin WILLIAMS and George BURNS both birdied their 18th hole for 70’s to join Cope on 280 (-8).

John GOUGH recorded a 66 in the final round, the best score of the three rounds played on the Old Course this weekend.

Here are the final results which include the play-off: –


Round 4 Leaderboard (Graphic: St. Andrews Links / OCS Software)

Click here to view the – 2021 St Andrews Links Trophy Results

Round 3

Charlie THORNTON (-8) leads Scott WORMLEIGHTON (-7) and Sam BAIRSTOW, Callan BARROW, Robin WILLIAMS and George BURNS (-6) with 18 holes to play on the Old Course.

Wormleighton produced the best Round 3 score, matching Callan Barrow’s 67 on the Old yesterday.

Scottish pair Liam WALDRON (-4) and Ruben LINDSAY (-2) moved up the leaderboard with morning rounds of 69 and 68 respectively.


Round 3 Leaderboard (Graphic: St. Andrews Links / OCS Software)



5th June 2021

Charlie THORNTON recorded a 71 in Round 2 on the Old Course to maintain his 1-shot lead on 137 (-7).

Richard KNIGHTLY matched the leader’s score to also stay in second place. He is now joined on 136 (-6) by Dubai-based Englishman Josh HILL who went out in 32 to post a 68.

There were six other 68’s in Round 2 of the St Andrews Links Trophy but the best rounds of the day were 67’s (-5) from Darren HOWIE and Callan Barrow. Howie’s highlight being a front nine 30 which included a hole-in-one on the 8th.

img_5219 Darren Howie’s Round 2 Scorecard (Graphic: St. Andrews Links / OCS Software)

Scotland’s Rory FRANSSEN and George BURNS are joined in tied 3rd by 2021 GB&I Walker Cup player Jack DYER on 139 (-5).

With 36 holes to play on Sunday there is clearly an opportunity for a player well down the leaderboard currently to come from well back to take the title.

50 players ultimately made the top 40 and ties 36-hole cut.

Here is a summary of the leading players and those that made the cut: –


Round 2 Leading Scores (Graphic: St. Andrews Links / OCS Software)



4th June 2021

Teeing off at 7.40am Yorkshire’s Charlie THORNTON produced seven birdies in his 66 (-6) on the Jubilee Course to secure the opening round lead at the 2021 St. Andrews Links Trophy.


Charlie Thornton’s Round 1 Scorecard (Graphic: St. Andrews Links / OCS Software)

George GRIFFITHS, Richard KNIGHTLY and Matthew HIBBS all fired 67’s to finish the day tied for 2nd place, one shot back of our leader.

Griffiths enjoyed a particularly memorable round with a hole-in-one on the 17th.


George Griffith’s Round 1 Scorecard (Graphic: St. Andrews Links / OCS Software)

Pre-Championship favourites Jack DYER (-4), Dan BRADBURY (-1), Arron EDWARD-HILL (-1) and Olly HUGGINS (Ev) are all well placed to mount an attack over the weekend.

Here is the top 25 leaderboard after Round 1: –


Round 1 Leading Scores (Graphic: St. Andrews Links / OCS Software)



2nd June 2021

144 golfers will tee off on Friday 4th June in the 32nd St. Andrews Links Trophy.

This event has become one of the ‘majors’ in men’s amateur golf helped by its venue and timing.

I will add the live score link to this article once it becomes available and provide daily reports on play over the weekend.

St Andrews Clubhouse

R&A Clubhouse, St. Andrews (Photo: R&A Website)

Competition Format

The Links Trophy is a 72 hole scratch stroke play competition played over the St. Andrews Links in early June.

The field is primarily determined by reference to the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) as at 29th April 2021 and finished off with various National Golf Union and St. Andrews Links Trust nominations.

This year Round 1 will be played on the Jubilee Course – sometimes the New Course is used – with Round 2 on the Old Course.

Following a top 40 and ties cut on Saturday the leading players will play a final 36 holes on the Old Course on Sunday.

The Jubilee Course plays 6,847 yards to a par of 72. The front nine is 3,257 yards long with a par of 36 whilst the tougher back nine is 333 yards longer but to the same par.

The Old Course has been set up at 7,201 yards for the event and has a par of 72. Both nines have a par of 36 and have similar yardages – the front is 3,555 yards long whilst the back is a little longer at 3,646 yards.

The winner will be the player who returns the lowest 72 hole aggregate score.

In the event of a tie a sudden death play-off will be held over holes 1 and 18 on the Old Course.

Ties for other places will be decided by the lowest score for the last 18 holes or the last 9 or 6 or 3 or 2 or 1 hole if necessary.

The Field

Click here to view the – 2021 St Andrews Links Trophy Rd 1 and Rd 2 Tee Times

Due to the early playing of the Walker Cup and COVID-19 travel restrictions the field is much weaker than has previously been seen.

Whereas we normally see over 20 countries represented only a handful of overseas players have been able to make the journey in 2021.

The impact of the R&A’s decision to agree to play the Walker Cup in early May is going to be seen very clearly in men’s amateur events this summer.

There are just 15 of the leading 30 GB&I players in today’s Scratch Players World Amateur Ranking (SPWAR) competing. This excludes the seven international class amateurs who have turned pro since the Walker Cup team was announced on 30th March. Extending the same analysis to the top of the current tree there are only 10 of the top 20 and just 3 of the top 10 playing in St. Andrews this week.

The highest ranked players in the SPWAR are Jack DYER (ENG) #75, Haider HUSSAIN (ENG) #114, Arron EDWARDS-HILL (ENG) #119, Dan BRADBURY (ENG) #125, Olly HUGGINS (ENG) #131, Callan BARROW (ENG) #144, winner of last week’s Scottish Open Men’s Championship, and Sam BAIRSTOW (ENG) #148.

The highest ranked Irish, Scottish and Welsh players are Marc BOUCHER #351, Calum SCOTT #404 and Matt ROBERTS #1,427.

Perhaps the most interesting entry is Paul HOWARD (ENG). Paul turned pro in March 2015 shortly after a successful tour of Australia where he won the New South Wales Amateur. He went on to win on the PGA EuroPro Tour in June 2015 and then the European Challenge Tour in August 2017. He has clearly now regained his amateur status and I assume must have received one of the nominations from either England Golf or the St. Andrews Links Trust as he currently has no ranking. Best wishes to Paul on his return to elite amateur competition.

Whilst it doesn’t overly affect the field quality it should be noted that most of the Irish players are staying at home to play in the Ulster Men’s Stroke Play Championship which starts on Monday 7th June at Royal County Down GC and that the Arnold Palmer Cup match starts on 11th June at Rich Harvest Farms in Illinois.

Weather Forecast (as at Wednesday 2nd June)

The current weather forecast looks great with a dry championship currently expected.

Friday 4th June – Sunny Intervals. Wind 12 mph SW. Temp. Min. 9°C / Max. 15°C.
Saturday 5th June – Sunny Intervals. Wind 11 mph SW. Temp. Min. 11°C / Max. 18°C.
Sunday 6th June – Sunny Intervals. Wind 13 mph W. Temp. Min. 10°C / Max. 17°C.

Tee times in Rounds 1 and 2 will start at 7.00am and end at 3.10pm so as with any links course the draw could play a part in proceedings.


The winner receives The St Andrews Links Trophy, a commemorative medal and vouchers to the value of £500.

The runner-up and third place finisher also receive medals.

Reducing voucher prizes are awarded to the top 10 finishers in all.

In addition to the main prizes The Ian Forbes Memorial Cup is awarded for the best aggregate score on the first two days of the Championship.

2020 St. Andrews Links Trophy

The 2020 event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2019 St. Andrews Links Trophy

Jake BURNAGE (ENG) from Saunton G.C. won the 2019 St. Andrews Links Trophy.

Burnage recorded a 268 (-20) total and completed a memorable comeback, having started the final day 6 shots back of the 36-hole leader Matty LAMB (ENG), who ultimately had to settle for 2nd place on -19. Caolan RAFFERTY (IRL) finished 3rd on -17.

It was a surprise to many that the Devonian links specialist was subsequently overlooked for the GB&I Walker Cup team that played USA at Royal Liverpool G.C. just two months later.


Jake Burnage and Family (Photo: Burnage Family)


Final 2019 Results (Photo: St Andrews Links Trust / Intelligent Golf)

Click here to view the complete – 2019 St Andrews Links Trophy Results

Past Winners

Click here to view a full list of the – St Andrews Links Trophy Past Winners

Only Craig WATSON (1992 and 1998), the former GB&I Walker Cup captain, and Barclay HOWARD (1994 and 1996) have won the title twice.

The most famous winner is Justin ROSE who won in 1997.

Interestingly given the normally cosmopolitan nature of the fields the Links Trophy has only been won by players from outside GB&I on three occasions – Australia’s Stuart BOVIER (1990), Daan HUIZING from The Netherlands (2012) and Federico ZUCCHETTI from Italy (2015).

Huizing, who had won the 2012 Lytham Trophy by 11 shots just a few weeks earlier, set a scoring record of -23 in 2012 (65 New, 64, 68 and 67 all Old) and won by an astonishing 14 shots.


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Scottish Men’s Open Championship – 2021 Preview & Results

30th May 2021

Callan BARROW (ENG) shot rounds of 63, 67, 64 and 67 for a 261 (-15) total to win the Scottish Men’s Open Amateur Championship at Southerness G.C.

Barrow took control of the Championship with a 64 on Sunday morning; a round which included one eagle and seven birdies.


Callan Barrow (Photo: Scottish Golf)

Barrow, a member of Royal Lytham & St Annes G.C., said in an interview with Scottish Golf “It’s been a good few years so to finally get a big win is amazing. The last three days have been incredible. My game’s been pretty solid. The putter has probably been the hottest thing in the bag which was needed round here.”

James WILSON (ENG) finished 2nd on -12, Stuart EASTON (SCO), who had taken a 1-shot lead into the final day, came in 3rd on -7 and Lewis IRVINE (SCO) and Haider HUSSAIN (ENG) tied 4th on -6.

Wilson’s 62 (-7) in Round 1 which included eight birdies proved to be the low round of the Championship.

Irvine, from Kirkhill G.C. had a final day to remember. Rounds of 64 (-5) and 66 (-3) saw him come from a long way back for a career best top 5 finish.

44 players made the 36 hole cut on Saturday evening which fell at 140 (+2). In form Arron EDWARDS-HILL (ENG) was the most notable player to miss out.

There were two holes in one recorded. Patrick KEELING (IRL) on the 15th in Round 1 and Joe HARVEY (ENG) on the 17th in Round 3 took the happy memories away from Dumfrieshire.


Final Results (Graphic: Scottish Golf)



24th May 2021

The 54th Scottish Men’s Open Stroke Play Championship starts on Friday 28th May at Southerness Golf Club in Dumfries.

This is the first major British or Irish amateur championship in 2021.

Due to COVID-19 protocols no caddies or spectators will be allowed on site.


Southerness Golf Club (Photo: Southerness Golf Club)


This open amateur competition consists of 72 holes of stroke play.

18 holes will be played on both Friday 28th and Saturday 29th May.

A 36 hole cut will then take place with only the leading 40 competitors and ties qualifying for the final two rounds which will be played on Sunday 30th May.

In the event of a tie for the Championship there will be a sudden death play off. All other ties will be resolved via card count back.


144 competitors will start the 2021 Championship.

The Championship is returning to its traditional late May / early June time slot following a misguided move in 2018 and 2019 to late August which led to a noticeable drop off in field quality.

However, the impact of ongoing COVID-19 travel restrictions and the early Walker Cup means that Scottish Golf are not going to see a material uplift in the standard of the field this year. The former means few foreign players have entered. The latter has pushed back the US College schedule and changed the priorities of many leading GB&I players. The NCAA National Championships are now being played in Arizona directly opposite this event. The fact the Walker Cup has already been played also means that many GB&I players have already turned pro or are planning to do so shortly so have no motivation to play.

Additionally, the Irish Challenge event on the European Challenge Tour is being played at Portmarnock Links between 27-30 May which has drawn a number of the leading Irish amateurs.

Jake DYER ENG (SPWAR #73) is the highest ranked player and only GB&I Walker Cupper competing at Southerness.

The standout names in this year’s field are all English – Sam BAIRSTOW (#165), Callan BARROW (#206), Jack BROOKS (#252), Jack COPE (#230), Arron EDWARDS-HILL (#111), Joe HARVEY (#232), Olly HUGGINS (#128) and Haider HUSSAIN (#140).

Jack Brooks, the world’s most active amateur golfer, is preparing for the Championship as only he knows how – by playing in the 72-hole Lagonda Trophy at Gog Magog GC in Cambridgeshire on Wednesday and Thursday. He will finish up around 6.30pm before travelling the 312 miles up to Dumfrieshire. He tees off at 1.10pm on Friday afternoon.

The highest ranked Irish, Scottish and Welsh players competing are Hugh FOLEY (#717), Calum SCOTT (#397) and Luke HARRIES (#2,028).

Tee Times and Scores

Click here to view the – 2021 Scottish Men’s Open Championship Tee Times / Scores


12th Hole, Southerness Golf Club (Photo: Southerness Golf Club)

Southerness Golf Club

Southerness is a flat links course set on the Solway Coast near Dumfries in the south west corner of Scotland.

It was designed by Philip Mackenzie Ross and laid out by Messrs. Sutton and Sons of Reading in 1946. The Club is therefore celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

The championship tees enable the par 69 course to be stretched to a demanding 6,728 yards.

A number of prestigious amateur Championships have been staged on the course over the years. It has previously hosted the Scottish Amateur Open Stroke Play in 2002 and 2013 with Barry Hume and Garrick Porteous coming out on top in those years.

The Club have posted a nice aerial video on their website ahead of the Championship which gives a good feel for the examination that awaits the players this week.


The Winner receives the distinctive Championship Trophy and a silver gilt medal.

Silver and bronze medals are also awarded to the runner-up and third place finisher(s).

Weather Forecast

The weather forecast is reasonably good. Whilst there is likely to be little sun the players will be pleased to see the winds are forecast to be weak throughout the weekend.

Fri 28th May – Light Rain / Wind 8 mph S / Temp. Min. 9°C / Max. 13°C,
Sat 29th May – Light Cloud /  Wind 7 mph S / Temp. Min. 9°C /Max. 17°C
Sun 30th May – Sunny Intervals / Wind 9 mph SE / Temp. Min. 11°C / Max. 19°C

Rounds 1 and 2 will see players tee off the 1st from 7.00am right through until 3.20pm.

2020 Results

The 2020 Scottish Men’s Open Championship was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2019 Results

Jake BOLTON (ENG) won the 2019 Championship at The Duke’s Course in St. Andrews with a 272 (-12) total.

Jake shot rounds of 64, 68, 76 and 64 to secure the title by 1-shot. His final round included birdies on 16 and 18.

Sam BAIRSTOW (ENG) finished 2nd on -11, Matthew CLARK (SCO) -8 3rd and Ben HUTCHINSON (ENG) -7 4th.

img_1793.jpg Jake Bolton (Photo: Mark Bolton)

Click here to view the full – 2019 Scottish Men’s Open Championship Results

Past Winners

The Scottish Men’s Open Amateur was first contested in 1967 and has an impressive list of past winners. Here are some of them: –

2011 – Andy Sullivan (ENG)
2009 – Tommy Fleetwood (ENG)
2004 – Richie Ramsay (SCO)
2003 – Gary Wolstenholme (ENG)
1997 – Barclay Howard (SCO)
1996 – Alastair Forsyth (SCO)
1995 – Stephen Gallacher (SCO)
1992 – Dean Robertson (SCO)
1991 – Andrew Coltart (SCO)
1985 – Colin Montgomerie (SCO)
1981 – Philip Walton (IRE)
1980 – Gordon Brand Jr (ENG)
1975 and 1984 – Charlie Green (SCO)
1971, 1974 and 1979 – Ian Hutcheon (SCO)
1970 – Dale Hayes (RSA)
1968 – Ronnie Shade (SCO)
1967 – Bernard Gallacher (SCO)

A full list of the past winners can be viewed here – Scottish Open Amateur Winners


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NCAA Division I Men’s National Championship – 2021 Preview & Results

2nd June 2021

Pepperdine University beat Oklahoma University 3-2 at the Greyhawk Golf Club in Arizona to win the 2021 NCAA Division I National title.

It was the second time in their history that the Malibu, California based team had lifted the National Championship trophy. They previously won in 1997.


Pepperdine Team and Coaches (Photo: Pepperdine Men’s Golf Team)

Every player on the Pepperdine team delivered at least one win and one half during the match play stage. However, the stars for the Waves were Clay FEAGLER, a fifth year senior, and junior Joe HIGHSMITH who both won all three of their games.

The team line up also included sophomore Dylan MENANTE, sophomore William MOUW and senior Joey VRZICH.


Championship Results (Graphic: Golfstat)

Pepperdine had earlier finished 3rd in the stroke play stage of the competition with Oklahoma coming in 4th.



1st June 2021 PM

The afternoon semi-finals saw two minor upsets with Pepperdine and Oklahoma battling through to the Final.


Semi-Final Results (Graphic: Golfstat)



1st June 2021 AM

In line with the stroke play seedings Oklahoma State, Pepperdine, Arizona State and Oklahoma all came through their Quarter Final matches without too much trouble.



Quarter Final Results (Graphic: Golfstat)



31st May 2021

With rounds of 68, 67, 68 and 70 (-7) Turk PETTIT of Clemson University won the NCAA Division I Individual Championship.

He finished 1 shot ahead of Bo JIN who was representing Oklahoma State with Ryggs JOHNSTON from Arizona State a further shot back.


Turk Pettit (Photo: NCAA)

Alex FITZPATRICK was GB&I’s highest finisher. A final round 76 saw him have to settle for a +9 total and a tied 39th finish.

After a poor opening round of 78 John MURPHY settled well. His final +11 total was good enough for a tied 52nd.

Here are the leading Individual scores: –


Leading Individual Results (Graphic: Golfstat)

In the Team competition Georgia Tech (+1) beat TCU (+4) in the 54-hole team play-off to start the day off.

From a GB&I perspective it was a disappointing day as both Louisville and Wake Forest missed out on the match play stage, thus ending our interest in the Championship.

Wake Forest had a disastrous final day recording a +23 score which saw them tumble down the rankings.

Arizona State, Oklahoma State, Pepperdine, Oklahoma, Illinois, Florida State, Vanderbilt and North Carolina were the eight teams to advance to the match play stage.




30th May 2021

The 54 hole first cut saw the top 15 teams and nine individuals not on those teams progress to the final 18 holes of stroke-play.

Alex FITZPATRICK (ENG) and Mark POWER (IRL) helped their Wake Forest team through to the next stage in tied 6th place on +13. In the individual standings Alex +3 is tied 22nd and Mark +8 tied 56th.

Louisville proved to be one of the surprise packages finishing the first stage of the Championship in 12th place on +24. John MURPHY (IRL) +9 is tied 67th. After an opening round 78 Max KENNEDY (IRL) was dropped with Dev MORLEY (IRL) coming in to replace him. Dev posted a counting 74 in round 2 and a 76 in round 3.

Georgia Tech and TCU will play-off [5-from-5 scores to count playing holes 14-18 concurrently] to determine the final team progressing to round 4.

The final round of stroke play will be played on Monday 31st to establish the eight teams that will progress to match play as well as the Individual champion.

To date play has proven much easier in the morning with the course firming up as the temperatures reach the high 90’s in the afternoon.

Here are the 54 hole Team results: –


Team Scores (Graphic: Golfstat)

Day 3 was as far as it went for the following GB&I players and their teams.

Rhys NEVIN-WHARTON +11 finished T90 as his Tennessee team missed out on a play-off for the final stroke-play day by just 1-shot.

Joe PAGDIN +15 finished tied 115th with his Florida team coming in 22nd.

Toby BRIGGS +15 also finished tied 115th as his San Francisco team finished in 29th place.

Archie DAVIES +18 finished tied 130th with East Tennessee State ending their Championship in 28th place. Despite his team under performing Head Coach Jake Amos chose not to play Ben CARBERRY in any of the rounds.

Callum BRUCE +21 finished tied 139th as San Diego State failed to progress in tied 25th place.

University of Texas were the highest ranked team to crash out after the first stage. They were not helped when one of their star men Pierceson Coody became ill after his first round and was unable to play on the subsequent two days.

Bo JIN -9 from Oklahoma State leads Turk PETTIT -7 of Clemson in the Individual competition.

Here are the leading 54-hole Individual Scores: –


Leading Individual Scores (Graphic: Golfstat)



24th May 2021

The 2021 NCAA Division I Men’s National Championship starts on Friday 28th May at Greyhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona with Arizona State University hosting this year’s competition.

Greyhawk has just finished hosting the Women’s NCAA Division I Championship. The set up proved to be demanding with few players finishing under par.

30 5-man teams and 6 individuals not on those teams qualified to play through six Regional events played on 17th – 19th May. To learn more about these please read my earlier article – NCAA Division I Men’s Regionals – 2021 Preview & Results

Stanford, the last champions in 2019, failed to progress through their Regional event at Albuquerque. They were not helped when two of their leading players, Barclay Brown (ENG) and Henry Shrimp (USA), failed COVID-19 tests on the eve of the competition and were forced to withdrawal from the Cardinals line-up.

At the National Championship 54 holes of stroke play will be played on 28-30 May. A cut will then take place which will see the top 15 teams and nine individuals not on those teams play a final 18 holes on 31 May. After 72 holes an Individual champion is crowned with the leading 8 teams progressing to a match play stage. Seeded match play will then take place on 1-2 June and will be used determine the Team national champions.

Team scores in the stroke play stage are based on a best four from five players cumulative total.


There are nine GB&I players competing this year – Toby BRIGGS (San Francisco), Callum BRUCE (San Diego State), Archie DAVIES (East Tennessee State), Alex FITZPATRICK (Wake Forest), Max KENNEDY (Louisville), John MURPHY (Louisville), Rhys NEVIN-WHARTON (Tennessee), Joe PAGDIN (Florida) and Mark POWER (Wake Forest).

Ben CARBERRY (East Tennessee State) and Dev MORLEY (Louisville) have also been selected as No. 6 substitute players for their respective teams so may see some action. Substitutes can be used by coaches in both the stroke play and match play stages of the Championship to cover injuries and loss of form.


Here is a list of the competing teams and individuals, along with their Regional site result in brackets: –

Arizona State (Albuquerque T2)
Arkansas (Kingston Springs 2nd)
Clemson (Kingston Springs T4)
East Tennessee State (Cre Elum 1st)
Florida (Cre Elum 5th)
Florida State (Tallahassee 1st)
Georgia (Tallahassee 2nd)
Georgia Tech (Tallahassee 3rd)
Illinois (Stillwater 2nd)
Liberty (Tallahassee 4th)
Little Rock (Stillwater 5th)
Louisville (Noblesville 4th)
North Carolina (Noblesville T2)
North Carolina State (Kingston Springs T4)
Oklahoma (Albuquerque 4th)
Oklahoma State (Stillwater 1st)
Oregon State (Albuquerque T2)
Pepperdine (Cre Elum 4th)
Sam Houston State (Stillwater 4th)
San Diego (Albuquerque 15th)
San Diego State (Kingston Springs 3rd)
San Francisco (Cre Elum 2nd)
SMU (Stillwater 3rd)
Tennessee (Noblesville T2)
Texas (Noblesville 1st)
Texas Tech (Albuquerque 1st)
TCU (Tallahassee 5th)
UAB (Noblesville 5th)
Vanderbilt (Kingston Springs 1st)
Wake Forest (Cre Elum 3rd)

Cole Bradley – Purdue (Noblesville 1st)
Ryan Hall – South Carolina (Albuquerque 1st)
Tristan Mandur – Utah (Cre Elum T4)
AJ Ott – Colorado State (Stillwater T3)
James Piot – Michigan State (Kingston Springs T4)
Michael Sakane – Jacksonville (Tallahassee 2nd)

Florida State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Clemson, Texas and North Carolina are considered the favourites to win the 2021 National Championship.


Weather Forecast

Unsurprisingly the weather forecast for Scottsdale, Arizona is perfect. Perhaps a little warm for the GB&I players.

Fri 28th May – Sunny / Wind 8 mph W / Temp. Min. 21°C / Max. 38°C,
Sat 29th May – Sunny / Wind 9 mph W  / Temp. Min. 22°C / Max. 37°C
Sun 30th May – Sunny / Wind 9 mph W / Temp. Min. 23°C / Max. 37°C
Mon 31st May – Sunny / Wind 8 mph W / Temp. Min. 23°C / Max. 37°C
Tue 1st Jun – Sunny / Wind 8 mph W / Temp. Min. 23°C / Max. 37°C
Wed 2nd Jun – Sunny / Wind 9 mph W / Temp. Min. 24°C / Max. 39°C


Click these links to view the – GOLFSTAT STROKE PLAY RESULTS – TEAM and INDIVIDUAL


2020 Results

The 2020 NCAA Division 1 National Championship was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2019 Results

Stanford beat Texas 3-2-0 in the 2019 NCAA Division I National Championship match at Blessings G.C. in Arkansas to secure their 9th national title.


The Stanford Team (Photo: Jack Dempsey NCAA Photos)

Matthew WOLFF (USA) of Oklahoma State won the Individual 2019 NCAA Division I National title. His 278 (-10) total was 5 shots better than second placed Steven FISK (USA).

Just 5 players from the field of 156 recorded an under par score over the 72 holes.

Alex FITZPATRICK (ENG) finished tied 15th in the Individual stroke play standings. Consistent rounds of 75, 73, 72 and 72 saw him post a +4 total. His Wake Forest team lost 3-2-0 to Stanford in the quarter finals of the match play stage, albeit freshman Fitzpatrick won his single beating Junior Henry Shimp by 1 hole.

Harry HALL (ENG), John MURPHY (IRL) and Dev MORLEY (IRL) were the three other GB&I players competing in Arkansas.

Cornishman Hall posted a 54-hole total of 222 (+6) to finish tied 34th. His UNLV team finished on 906 (+42) in tied 20th place and he failed to pick up one of the leading Individual spots.

The two Irishmen were further down the field. John MURPHY (IRL) +17 finished tied 110th and Dev MORLEY (IRE) +18 tied 119th. Their Louisville team were 29th on 932 (+68).


Matthew Wolff (Photo: Jack Dempsey NCAA Photos)

Click these links to view the – GOLFSTAT STROKE PLAY RESULTS – TEAM and INDIVIDUAL


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NCAA Division I Men’s Regionals – 2021 Preview & Results

Updated 19th May 2021

The 54-hole NCAA Division I Men’s Golf Regional Championships were played on 17th-19th May.

The NCAA Committee selected the participating teams and leading individuals, from non-qualifying teams, largely based on the GolfStat U.S. College 2020/21 Men’s Division I Rankings which can be viewed here – Team and Individual

The teams and individuals were seeded and spread across the Regional sites to ensure each field was broadly of equal standing.

Three of the sites had 13 teams and 10 individuals competing, while three had 14 teams and five individuals. There were 81 teams and 45 individuals playing in total.

Looking at the Individual GolfStat Rankings on 5th May 2021 there were 11 Great British and Irish players in the Top 200. These were Alex FITZPATRICK (3), Joe PAGDIN (68), Mark POWER (69), Barclay BROWN (104), Daniel O’LOUGHLIN (105), Angus FLANAGAN (113), Archie DAVIES (117), Callum BRUCE (177), John GOUGH (178), Rhys NEVIN-WHARTON (185) and John MURPHY (193).

The low five teams (30 in total) and the low individual (6 in total) not on those teams from each Regional advanced to the National Championships.

The 2021 National Team and Individual titles will be decided on 28th May – 2nd June at Greyhawk G.C., Scottsdale, Arizona with Arizona State University hosting this year’s Championship.


Each team is listed below in seed order so it is clear who the favourites were to progress from each Regional. After the College or University name you will also find the Team’s Golfweek / Sagarin national ranking and if they earned automatic qualification the Conference Championship they won to do so.

A number of GB&I players competed in the Regional Championships. All of them are shown below in bold type.


Here is a summary of each Regionals results with links to the full Golfstat scores: –

Championship Course, UNM – ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico
Hosted by the University of New Mexico / 7,555 yards Par 72 / SPWAR Field Ranking 1st


TEAM QUALIFIERS: 1st Texas Tech (-26), T2 Arizona State (-16), T2 Oregon State (-16), 4th Oklahoma (-13), 5th San Diego (-12)

No. 1 seeds Oklahoma started the final day in 9th five shots back of 5th place but thankfully came through to progress. Texas A&M and New Mexico were the two highest ranked teams in the field to fall at this stage.

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS: 1st Ryan Hall (-11) South Carolina

INDIVIDUAL WINNER: Ryan Hall (-11) South Carolina

Teams (seeded in the following order):

  1. Oklahoma (1)
  2. Arizona State (9)
  3. Texas A&M (14)
  4. Texas Tech (15) – Sandy SCOTT N/S
  5. New Mexico (29 / Mountain West)
  6. Stanford (34) – Barclay BROWN N/S
  7. Oregon State (48)
  8. Boise State (56)
  9. South Carolina (31)
  10. Nevada (68)
  11. San Diego (63)
  12. New Mexico State (151 / WAC)
  13. Oakland (163) – Chris HANDY +9 T58 / Oakland (+36) 13th 
  14. Prairie View A&M (268 / Southwestern)


  1. Tommy Stephenson, Fresno State
  2. Daniel O’LOUGHLIN, Colorado +6 T51
  3. Blake Hathcoat, Saint Mary’s CA
  4. Gavin Cohen, Loyola-Marymount
  5. Riley Lewis, Loyola-Marymount

Tumble Creek Club – CRE ELUM, Washington
Hosted by the University of Washington / 7,069 yards Par 71 / SPWAR Field Ranking 4th


TEAM QUALIFIERS: 1st East Tennessee State (-14), 2nd San Francisco (-4), 3rd Wake Forest (-2), 4th Pepperdine (-1), 5th Florida (+6)

East Tennessee State, led by medalist Shiso Go and T4 placed Welshman Archie Davies, made the headlines at Cle Elum picking up all of the trophies despite supposedly being only the 8th strongest team on site. Having traversed the hole of America to get to the Washington Regional Florida thankfully scraped home on the final day reeling in a 6-shot deficit in Round 3 over the closing holes as Denver buckled under the pressure. Alex Fitzpatrick finished T2 confirming his current status as GB&I’s beat amateur golfer.  

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS: T4 Tristan Mandur (-6) Utah

INDIVIDUAL WINNER: Shiso Go (-8) East Tennessee State

Teams (seeded in the following order):

  1. Wake Forest (8) – Alex FITZPATRICK -7 T2, Mark POWER +3 T19 / Wake Forest (-2) 3rd 
  2. Pepperdine (5 / WCC)
  3. Florida (21) – Joe PAGDIN +7 T39 / Florida +6 5th
  4. Arizona (16 / PAC-12)
  5. San Francisco (24) – Toby BRIGGS +7 T39 / San Francisco (-4) 2nd
  6. Iowa (35) – Callum MACFIE N/S, Jake ROWE (Rd 3 Only) 
  7. Washington (51)
  8. East Tennessee State (45 / Southern) – Archie DAVIES -6 T4 / East Tennessee State (-14) 1st
  9. Utah (60)
  10. Oregon (58)
  11. Mississippi State (43)
  12. Long Beach State (84 / Big West)
  13. Denver (96 / Summit)
  14. Sacramento State (146 / Big Sky)


  1. Carson Lundell, BYU
  2. Matt McCarty, Santa Clara
  3. Jack Trent, UNLV
  4. Jake Vincent, Southern Utah
  5. Gabe Lysen, Utah Valley

Golf Club of Tennessee – KINGSTON SPRINGS, Tennessee
Hosted by Vanderbilt University / 7,107 yards Par 71 / SPWAR Field Ranking 6th


TEAM QUALIFIERS: 1st Vanderbilt (-18), 2nd Arkansas (-7), 3rd San Diego State (-5), T4 North Carolina State (-3), T4 Clemson (-3)

There were no surprises in Tennessee as the five most highly ranked teams all progressed. Charlotte (-1) were 2-shots back of displacing NC State and / or Clemson.

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS: T4 James Piot (-5) Michigan State

INDIVIDUAL WINNER: Puwit Anupansuebsai (-8) San Diego State

Teams (seeded in the following order):

  1. Clemson (3 / ACC)
  2. NC State (10)
  3. Vanderbilt (13 / SEC)
  4. Arkansas (22)
  5. San Diego State (25) – Callum BRUCE +4 T37 / San Diego State (-5) 3rd
  6. Virginia (44)
  7. Charlotte (46) – John GOUGH +6 T42 / Charlotte (-1) 6th 
  8. Kent State (50 / MAC)
  9. UTSA (57)
  10. Houston (52)
  11. Loyola-Maryland (116 / Patriot League)
  12. UConn (135 / Big East)
  13. Iona (247 / Metro Atlantic) – Oisin DEVERUEX +17 T64 / Iona (+81) 13th


  1. James Piot, Michigan State
  2. Ben van Wyk, Augusta
  3. Evan Davis, Belmont
  4. Van Holmgren, Florida Gulf Coast
  5. Christopher Gotterup, Rutgers
  6. Hunter Eichhorn, Marquette
  7. Brandon Einstein, High Point
  8. Hunter Fry, USC Upstate
  9. Timothius Tamardi, Appalachian State
  10. Austin Devereux, Rider


Sagamore Golf Club – NOBLESVILLE, Indiana
Hosted by Ball State / 7,173 yards Par 72 / SPWAR Field Ranking 3rd


TEAM QUALIFIERS: 1st Texas (-20), T2 Tennessee (-15), T2 North Carolina (-15), 4th Louisville (-10), 5th UAB (-5)

UAB came from 7-shots back heading into the final round to secure the 5th qualifying place. North Florida and to a lesser degree South Florida were the two most notable teams to miss out in Indiana.  

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS: 1st Cole Bradley (-10) Purdue

INDIVIDUAL WINNER: Cole Bradley (-10) Purdue

Teams (seeded in the following order):

  1. Texas (6)
  2. North Carolina (7)
  3. Tennessee (18) – Rhys NEVIN-WHARTON +2 T31 / Tennessee (-15) 2nd 
  4. North Florida (23)
  5. Louisville (32) – Max KENNEDY +1 T26John MURPHY +5 T42, Dev MORLEY N/S, Hugh O’HARE N/S /  Louisville (-10) 4th
  6. South Florida (36 / AAC)
  7. UAB (38)
  8. Duke (41)
  9. UNC Wilmington (49)
  10. Arkansas State (40) – Jack MADDEN N/S
  11. Campbell (92 / Big South)
  12. UT Martin (147 / Ohio Valley)
  13. Loyola Chicago (198 / Missouri Valley)


  1. Ross Steelman, Missouri
  2. Angus FLANAGAN, Minnesota +4 T38 
  3. Joe Weiler, Purdue
  4. Mark Goetz, West Virginia
  5. Zack Taylor, Coastal Carolina
  6. Alex Goff, Kentucky
  7. Cole Bradley, Purdue
  8. Michael Cascino, Butler
  9. Henry May, Dayton

Karsten Creek Golf Club – STILLWATER, Oklahoma
Hosted by Oklahoma State University / 7,502 yards Par 72 / SPWAR Field Ranking 2nd


TEAM QUALIFIERS: 1st Oklahoma State (-28), 2nd Illinois (-14), 3rd SMU (Ev), 4th Sam Houston State (+11), 5th Little Rock (+15)

Sam Houston State and unseeded Little Rock outperformed to knock out the more highly rated colleges Auburn, Notre Dame, Alabama and Baylor. It is the first time Sam Houston State and Little Rock have qualified for the Nationals.

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS: T3 AJ Ott (-5) Colorado State


Teams (seeded in the following order):

  1. Oklahoma State (4 / Big 12)
  2. Illinois (11 / Big Ten)
  3. Auburn (17)
  4. SMU (20)
  5. Notre Dame (33)
  6. Alabama (28)
  7. Baylor (30)
  8. Sam Houston State (65 / Southland)
  9. Little Rock (54)
  10. Ole Miss (39)
  11. Northwestern (66) – Eric MCINTOSH +2 T16 / Northwestern +25 9th
  12. College of Charleston (79 / CAA)
  13. Middle Tennessee State (86 / Conference USA)


  1. Devon Bling, UCLA
  2. Mark Lawrence, Jr., Virginia Tech
  3. Vicente Marzilio, North Texas
  4. Lachlan Barker, Iowa State
  5. A.J. Ott, Colorado State
  6. Tim Tillmanns, Kansas State
  7. Guillaume Fanonnel, ULM
  8. Lucas Carper, UC Davis
  9. Jack Howes, Oral Roberts

Golden Eagle Golf & Country Club – TALLAHASSEE, Florida
Hosted by Florida State / 7,505 yards Par 72 / SPWAR Field Ranking 5th


TEAM QUALIFIERS: 1st Florida State (-34), 2nd Georgia (-17), 3rd Georgia Tech (-16), 4th Liberty (-15), 5th TCU (-9)

LSU and Georgia Southern were the big losers at Tallahassee with an inexperienced TCU team containing four sophomores and one freshman playing their was into the finals.

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS: 2nd Michael Sakane (-13) Jacksonville

INDIVIDUAL WINNER: Davis Thompson (-14) Georgia

Thompson also picked up medalist honours at Georgia’s 2019 Regional.

Teams (seeded in the following order):

  1. Florida State (2) – Jamie LI N/S
  2. Georgia (12)
  3. Liberty (19 / Atlantic Sun)
  4. LSU (27)
  5. Georgia Tech (26)
  6. Georgia Southern (42 / Sun Belt)
  7. TCU (37)
  8. Indiana (53)
  9. Kansas (47)
  10. Southern California (59)
  11. Ohio State (55)
  12. Davidson (125 / Atlantic 10)
  13. Florida A&M (176 / Mid-Eastern)
  14. LIU (246 / Northeast)


  1. Keller Harper, Furman
  2. Johnny Travale, Central Florida
  3. Michael Sakane, Jacksonville
  4. Enrique DIMAYUGA, Florida Atlantic +1 T38
  5. Saptak Talwar, Sacred Heart

N/S = Not Selected


The 2020 NCAA Division I Men’s Golf Championships were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2019 NCAA Division I Men’s Championship was played at Blessings Golf Club in Fayetteville, Arkansas with The University of Arkansas hosting the competition.

STANFORD UNIVERSITY beat University of Texas 3-2-0 in the 2019 NCAA Division I Championship match to secure their 9th national title.


The Stanford Team (Photo: Jack Dempsey NCAA Photos)

Matthew WOLFF (USA) of Oklahoma State won the Individual NCAA Division I National title. His 278 (-10) total was 5 shots better than second placed Steven FISK (USA) during the 72 hole stroke play qualifying.

Click these links to view the – 2019 GOLFSTAT STROKE PLAY RESULTS – TEAM and INDIVIDUAL

Click this link to view the – 2019 GOLFSTAT MATCH PLAY RESULTS – TEAM


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The Masters – 2021 Amateur Preview & Results

Sunday 11th April 2021

Hideki MATSUYAMA (JAP) won the 2021 Masters Tournament with a 278 (-10) total.

Hideki Matsuyama  (Photo: The Masters)

The Masters reflected his journey to the title in a nice tweet which highlighted his two Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship titles in 2010 and 2011 to qualify for the tournament, his Silver Cup low amateur win in 2011 and finally the life changing first major victory today.  

Matsuyama became just the seventh player to win both the Silver Cup and The Masters tournament itself, joining Cary MIDDLECOFFJack NICKLAUS, Ben CRENSHAW, Tiger WOODS, Phil MICKELSON and Sergio GARCIA in a select group.

The prize money for finishing first this year at Augusta National was £2,070,000.

2017 Walker Cup players Will ZALATORIS (USA) -9 finished 2nd and Robert MACINTYRE (SCO) -2 tied 12th. They earned $1,242,000 and $264,500 respectively and also secured their places in the 2022 Masters. 

The 2021 Masters Results (Graphic: The Masters)

Click here to view the full – 2021 Masters Results



Saturday 10th April 2021

Hideki MATSUYAMA (JAP) moved into a four shot lead on -11 after a superb 65 in Round 3 which saw him come home in just 30 shots. His bogey free round included one eagle and five birdies.

Playing in his tenth Masters the Japanese star now has a great chance to become Asia’s first male major champion.

There would be a nice symmetry if he can come through tomorrow as his compatriot 17 year old Tsubasa Kajitani won the 2nd Augusta National Women’s Amateur last week.


Hideki Matsuyama Receives The Silver Cup In 2011 (Photo: The Masters) 

Heading into tomorrow’s final round Xander SCHAUFFELE (USA), Mark LEISHMAN (AUS), Justin ROSE (ENG) and Will ZALATORIS (USA) are his nearest challengers on -7.



Friday 9th April 2021

Sadly no amateur made the cut at the 2021 Masters and therefore the Silver Cup will not be awarded on Sunday. It is the first time since 2015 that an amateur has not completed the 72 holes.

Ollie OSBORNE (USA) shot his second successive 76 to finish tied 74th on 152 (+8), the best of the three amateurs in the field. His three birdies today were offset by seven bogeys. Ollie was a little unlucky with his tee shots on the 6th and 16th but a couple of pulled drives late on simply left him too much to do. The SMU college golfer had another good day but will no doubt be disappointed with his finish. 

Screenshot 2021-04-09 at 21.08.19

Ollie Osborne’s 36 Hole Scorecard (Graphic: The Masters) 

Click here to watch every shot of – Ollie Osborne’s Round 2

Joe LONG (ENG) produced the lowest round by an amateur at this year’s Masters in Round 2 with a very accomplished 72 (Ev). His 154 (+10) total saw him finish in 80th place. The highlights were his three consecutive birdies on the back nine. He hit the 13th and 15th greens in two and had tap-in birdies on both of these famous par 5’s. Just like yesterday he finished with a superb approach into the 18th but was unable to convert his 4 foot birdie putt. James Sugrue’s 71 last November therefore remains the sole under par round by a GB&I amateur in Masters history.  

Joe Long’s 36 Hole Scorecard (Graphic: The Masters) 

Click here to watch every shot of – Joe Long’s Round 2

U.S. Amateur champion Tyler STRAFACI (USA) struggled on Friday and finished 86th, last of the three amateurs. His 81 included one double bogey and eight bogeys. The highlight was his birdie on 14 where he holed a huge 25 yard putt from just off the front of the green.

Screenshot 2021-04-10 at 08.08.17

Tyler Strafaci’s 36 Hole Scorecard (Graphic: The Masters) 

Click here to watch every shot of – Tyler Strafaci’s Round 2

Justin ROSE (ENG) recovered from another slow start to shoot an even par 72 in Round 2 and retain his lead on -7. His 18 hole 4-shot lead is now down to one though with Will ZALATORIS (USA) and Brian HARMAN (USA) in tied 2nd on -6.

The Top 50 and Ties cut fell at +3 with 54 players making the weekend.



Thursday 8th April 2021

Ollie OSBORNE (USA), the least heralded of the three amateurs in the field, shone brightest on the opening day at Augusta National G.C. The course played firm and fast and the wind swirled through the pines making for a tough test.

Osborne’s 76 (+4) saw him finish the day in tied 60th. The big hitting SMU player produced a tidy round with no big errors which were the downfall of his competitors for the Silver Cup. His bonus came via nice putts for birdies on the par 5 8th and 15th which gave him some additional breathing space.

Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 22.46.08

Ollie Osborne’s Round 1 Scorecard (Graphic: The Masters) 

Click here to watch every shot of – Ollie Osborne’s Round 1 (select Round 1 tab)

Tyler STRAFACI (USA) played better than his 80 (+8) paying a heavy price for two mistakes which ended up costing him 5-shots. He’ll start Day 2 in 84th place. Firstly an aggressive approach to the 9th left him over the back with no shot to a green which sloped severely away from him. Then three holes later his tee shot to the notorious par 3 12th came up short finding the lake.   

Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 20.42.54

Tyler Strafaci’s Round 1 Scorecard (Graphic: The Masters) 

Click here to watch every shot of – Tyler Strafaci’s Round 1 (select Round 1 tab)

Joe LONG (ENG) shot an 82 (+10) in Round 1 to finish the day in tied 86th place. The Bristolian made a solid start but a pushed drive into the trees on the 5th cost him a triple-bogey and entering a tough run of holes he was unable to get back on track. The back nine saw an improvement with five pars and a birdie. Having struggled down the 13th he produced a great chip over Rae’s Creek to escape with just a bogey. However, the 17th will have disappointed the Amateur champion – three putts from 4ft saw him leave the green with a 6 when a 4 had looked likely. Nevertheless this time he bounced back well on 18 with a birdie. A great drive round the left-to-right dog leg set up a mid-iron which finished dead having lipped out for eagle.   

Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 19.27.23

Joe Long’s Round 1 Scorecard (Graphic: The Masters) 

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Justin ROSE (ENG) leads the 2021 Masters by 4-shots after his 65 (-7) in Round 1. Rose was 9-under for his final 11 holes after a slow start which had seen him record bogeys on the 1st and 7th. Brian HARMAN (USA) and Hideki MATSUYAMA (JAP) lead the chasing pack after 69’s (-3).



7th April 2021

The 85th Masters will take place at Augusta National G.C. this week between 8th-11th April.

The field is a little lower than normal with just 88 players competing.

One of the reasons for this is that there are only three amateurs playing in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic saw the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship, Latin America Amateur Championship and U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship cancelled in 2020 so the three places traditionally allocated to their winners were not required this year.

As with last year’s Masters, played later than normal in November, there will only be a limited number of patrons on site due to COVID-19. This will hopefully help the amateurs to settle more quickly in to their famous surroundings when play gets underway.

I will be updating this article throughout the week with amateur scoring information.


The 2021 Masters Journal

2021 Amateur Player Biographies

The legacy of Bobby Jones, the founder of the tournament and a lifelong amateur (at least during his competitive years), means The Masters has always found a place for the leading amateur players.

This year’s intake will take the total number of amateurs to have participated to 439.

The three Amateurs competing at The Masters are : –

JOE LONG (England) – winner of the 2020 Amateur Championship (Cat. 8 exemption). One of ten Englishmen in the field Long, 23 from Bristol, qualified after beating compatriot Joe Harvey in the Amateur Championship final at Royal Birkdale G.C. His victory also earned him automatic selection for the GB&I Walker Cup team. Joe picked up an injury whilst surfing in February but is confident he has fully recovered. This will be his first major appearance as well as his first competitive outing in USA. Caddie – John Chance (local). Current SPWAR #35 / WAGR #46.


Joe Long (Photo: Richard Heathcote / The R&A / R&A via Getty Images)

CHARLES ‘OLLIE’ OSBORNE (USA) – runner-up at the 2020 U.S. Amateur Championship (Cat. 7 exemption). Osborne, 21, is a junior at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He has won two college titles to date. Ollie monday qualified for the 2019 Baracuda Championship on the PGA Tour played at his home course in Reno, Nevada but missed the cut. This will be his first major appearance. Caddie – Stephen Osborne (father). Current SPWAR #124 / WAGR #247.

TYLER STRAFACI (USA) – winner of the 2020 U.S. Amateur Championship (Cat. 7 exemption). Strafaci, 22, graduated from Georgia Tech last May and whilst he returned for a fifth year in September he ultimately decided to forego his final spring semester to pursue playing opportunities. In addition to his U.S. Amateur win at Bandon Dunes he also won the North & South Amateur and Palmetto Amateur last summer. Like Long he will represent USA in the 2021 Walker Cup match at Seminole G.C. next month. He has played in one major before, the 2018 U.S. Open Championship. Tyler has also played in four PGA Tour events missing the cut in each of them. He picked up a collarbone injury playing in the 2021 Genesis Invitational which he has only just recovered from. Tyler’s grandfather Frank Sr., who died 10 years before he was born, played in The Masters in 1938 and 1950. Only Tommy Armour and Tommy Armour III have previously achieved this grandfather-grandson double. Caddie – Bret Benjamin (local). Current SPWAR #18 / WAGR #11.   

The U.S. and Amateur champions also receive non-playing honorary invitations which mean they are invited to attend The Masters every year for the rest of their lives.

Amateur Perks

Due to social distancing only one amateur has been allowed to stay in the Crow’s Nest per night. Joe Long stayed there on Sunday night, Tyler Strafaci on Monday and Ollie Osborne on Tuesday. 

The Amateur Dinner is being held on Wednesday night as it was in 2020. It had for many years been held on the Monday of Masters week. Chairman Fred Ridley will host the evening with Viktor Hovland, the 2018 U.S. Amateur champion who has subsequently transitioned smoothly to the pro ranks, the special guest speaker.

2021 Amateur Tee Times (GMT +5hrs)

Round 1

Group 5 – 8.48am EDT / 1.48pm BST – Bernhard Langer (GER) / Will Zalatoris (USA)* / JOE LONG (ENG)

Group 13 – 10.30am EDT / 3.30pm BST – Dustin Johnson (USA) / Lee Westwood (ENG) / TYLER STRAFACI (USA)

Group 22 – 12.24pm EDT / 5.24pm BST – Fred Couples (USA) / Francesco Molinari (ITA) / OLLIE OSBORNE (USA)

Round 2

Group 7 – 9.12am EDT / 2.12pm BST – Fred Couples (USA) / Francesco Molinari (ITA) / OLLIE OSBORNE (USA)

Group 20 – 11.54am EDT / 4.54pm BST – Bernhard Langer (GER) / Will Zalatoris (USA)* / JOE LONG (ENG)

Group 28 – 1.36pm EDT / 6.36pm BST – Dustin Johnson (USA) / Lee Westwood (ENG) / TYLER STRAFACI(USA)**

*Will Zalatoris who represented USA in the 2017 Walker Cup is also making his Masters debut this week. Alongside the three amateurs there are three professional debutants this year; Robert MacIntyre, who also played in the 2017 Walker Cup, and Carlos Ortiz are the other two.

**By tradition the reigning U.S. Amateur champion is always paired with the reigning Masters champion.

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2020 Masters – Amateur Performances

Andy OGLETREE (USA) won the 2020 Silver Cup at The Masters for the low amateur completing all 72 holes.

He finished tied 34th on 286 (-2) after rounds of 73, 70, 71 and 72.


Andy Ogletree (Photo: Michael Holahan / The Augusta Chronicle)

James SUGRUE (IRL) finished his opening two rounds on 148 (+4) and missed the cut. His four 3-putts in Round 1, including a short one on the 18th when he was trying to finish his round before darkness fell, probably ruined his chances of progressing.

He can take some consolation from his second round 71 though which was the first under par and lowest round ever recorded by a GB&I amateur at The Masters. Whilst the shots still had to be played James took advantage of the November playing with the softer conditions making scoring much easier than normal. 


James Sugrue 36 hole Scorecard (Graphic: The Masters)

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The Masters – Amateur Playing Records

For more information on amateur performances at The Masters please take a look at – The Masters – Amateur Records.


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March 2021 Men’s Amateur Rankings

2nd April 2021

Throughout the year I analyse the two main amateur golf rankings, the SPWAR and the WAGR, to help us assess the performances of Great Britain and Ireland’s (GB&I) leading players as well as the status of events they compete in.

This information is maintained on the Rankings page of the GolfBible website and is updated quarterly.

The latest update covering the March 2021 Quarter period has now been added.

England’s Jack DYER has won my Player of the Quarter Award. Jack travelled to South Africa in early 2021 and produced a set of consistent results that made him an obvious selection.

He was also selected as 1st Reserve for the GB&I Walker Cup team earlier this week – the only player to break into the 12 man team from outside the original squad announced last December.


Jack Dyer with the Proudfoot Trophy (Photo: Ernest Blignault / GolfRSA)

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