2021 Results

Here are the main amateur golf results for 2021: –

Click the blue links by each event to view the results – correct at the time of publication

U.S. College golf scores can be found on the Golfstat website or my twitter feed.

The events in red italics were CANCELLED due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The ‘Future Events‘ page of this website lists all of the other up coming 2021 competitions.

26 or 27 June 2021           The Open Regional Qualifying (18 holes) RESCHEDULEDInformation
Amateur Qualifiers –

26-27 June 2021              The Kerry Scratch Cup at Tralee GC (IRL) – Information
Winner –

26-27 June 2021              The 48th East of Scotland Open Amateur SP Championship (Mixed) – Information
Winner –

26-27 June 2021              The 86th St David’s Gold Cross (WAL) – Information
Winner –

25-27 June 2021               The English U18 Championship (Mixed) – Information
Winner –

24-25 June 2021               Leinster U16 Boys Open Championship – Results
Winner –


23-24 June 2021               The Pollok Junior Masters with ProDreamUSA (SCO) – Results
Overall Winner –

23-26 June 2021                European Amateur Championship (FRA) – Results
Champion –

23-26 June 2021               The Northeast Amateur Invitational (USA) – Results
Winner –


25-26 June 2021               The Vagliano Trophy (SUI)

25-26 June 2021               The Junior Vagliano Trophy (SUI)

17-20 June 2021                121st U.S. Open Championship – Results
No Amateur Made the Cut

19-20 June 2021                The Berkshire Trophy (ENG) – Results
Winner – Zach Chegwidden (ENG)


Zach Chegwidden (Photo: Chegwidden Family)

19-20 June 2021                The Tennant Cup (SCO) – Results
Winner – Matthew Clark (SCO)


Matthew Clark (Photo: Gailes Links Golf Course)

18-20 June 2021               Sir Henry Cooper Junior Masters (ENG)

17-20 June 2021                Irish Women’s Amateur Close Championship – Results
Champion – Anna Foster (IRL)
Medalist – Beth Coulter (IRL)

16-19 June 2021                68th Sunnehanna Amateur (USA) – Results /  Information
Winner – Trent Phillips (USA) 


Trent Phillips (Photo: Michael Mastovich)

14-19 June 2021                The 126th Amateur Championship (SCO)
SP Results and MP Results
Champion – Laird Shepherd (ENG) 
Medalist – Matthew Clark (SCO)


Laird Shepherd (Photo: The Nairn G.C.)

12-13 June 2021                Connacht Men’s Stroke Play Championship – Results
Winner – Alex Maguire (IRL)

11-13 June 2021                Arnold Palmer Cup (USA) – Results
Team Winner – USA


Team USA (Photo: Arnold Palmer Cup)

11-13 June 2021                SGF U18 Boys’ Trophy and U18 Girls’ Vase(SCO)
Boys’ Trophy Results and Girls’ Vase Results
Boys’ Winner – Archie Finnie (SCO)
Girls’ Winner – Grace Crawford (SCO)

9-12 June 2021                The Dogwood Invitational (USA) – Results
Winner – Louis Dobbelaar (AUS)


Louis Dobbelaar (Photo: Golf Australia)

7-12 June 2021                The 118th Women’s Amateur Championship (SCO)
SP Results and MP Results
Champion – Louise Duncan (SCO)
SP Medalist – Ragnhildur Kristinsdóttir (ISL)


Louise Duncan (Photo: The R&A)

5-11 June 2021                 South Western Counties Golf Association Championship Week (ENG) – Results
SW Stroke Play  Ed Butler (Gloucestershire)
England Golf County Qualifier – Gloucestershire
SW Inter-County Team Winners – Gloucestershire


Ed Butler (Photo: Gloucestershire Golf Union)


Gloucestershire (Photo: Gloucestershire Golf Union)

7-8 June 2021                  Ulster Men’s and Women’s Stroke Play Championship
Men’s Results and Women’s Results
Men’s Champion – Rob Moran (IRL)
Women’s Champion – Aideen Walsh (IRL)

24 May – 7 June 2021      U.S. Open Championship Final Qualifying – Results

3-6 June 2021                   76th U.S. Women’s Open Championship – Results
Low Amateur – Megha Ganne (USA) +3 T14

4-6 June 2021                   St. Andrews Links Trophy – Results
Winner – Jack Cope (ENG)

jack cope winner_06.05.21

Jack Cope (Photo: Cope Family)

5-6 June 2021                   Aberconwy Trophy (WAL) – Results
Winner – James Claridge (ENG)

4-6 June 2021                   Scottish Women’s Amateur Championship
SP Results and MP Results
Champion – Chloe Goadby (SCO)
SP Medalist – Louise Duncan (SCO)


Chloe Goadby (Photo: Gullane GC)

3-5 June 2021                   European Mid-Amateur Men’s and Ladies’ Championship (ESP)
Men’s Champion – Steven Rojas (SUI)
Women’s Champion – Maria Anetseder (GER)


Maria Anetseder and Steven Rojas (Photo: European Golf Association)

3-5 June 2021                   German Boys’ and Girls’ Open
Boys’ Results and Girls’ Results
Boys’ Champion – Jackubcík Filip (CZE)
Girls’ Champion – Meja Örtengren (SWE)

28-2 June 2021                 NCAA Men’s Div I National Championship  (USA) – Results & Reports
Team Champions – Pepperdine University


Pepperdine University Team and Coaches (Photo: Pepperdine Men’s Golf)

Individual Champion – Turk Pettit (Clemson University)


Turk Pettit (Photo: NCAA)

2 June 2021                       Women’s Astor Salver (ENG) – Results
Winner – Thalia Kirby (ENG)


Thalia Kirby (Photo: The Berkshire GC)

2 June 2021                       Boys’ County Championships – Midlands Qualifying
Team Results and Individual Results
County Winner – Leicestershire & Rutland
Individual Winner – Seb Cave (Olton, Warwickshire)

29-30 May 2021                St Rule Trophy (SCO) – Results
Winner – Hannah Darling (SCO)


Hannah Darling (Photo: Darling Family)

28-30 May 2021                Scottish Men’s Open Championship – Results
Champion – Callan Barrow (ENG)


Callan Barrow (Photo: Scottish Golf)

28-30 May 2021                Welsh Open Youths Championship (Mixed) – Results
Winner – Ben Quick (ENG)


Ben Quick and Olivia Lee (Photo: Wales Golf)

28-30 May 2021                Barrie Douglas Scottish Junior Masters – Results
U16 and U18 Boys’s Winner – Connor Graham (SCO) and John Dolzanski (SCO)
U18 Girls’ Winner – Megan Docherty (SCO)

26-27 May 2021                Lagonda Trophy – Results
Winner – Ben Quinney (ENG)


Ben Quinney (Photo: Cambridgeshire Area Golf Union)

22-26 May 2021                6th U.S. Amateur Four Ball Championship – Results
Champions – Kiko Francisco Coehlo and Leopoldo Herrera III


Kiko Francisco Coehlo and Leopoldo Herrera III (Photo: USGA / Robert Beck)

SP Medalists – Kelly Chinn (USA) and David Ford (USA)


David Ford and Kelly Chinn (Photo: USGA / Robert Beck)

28-2 June 2021                 NCAA Women’s Div I National Championship  (USA)
Individual SP Results, Team SP Results and Team MP Results
Team Champions – University of Mississippi


The Ole Miss Team (Photo: Ole Miss Women’s Golf)

Individual Champion – Rachel Heck (Stanford University)


Rachel Heck (Photo: Stanford Women’s Golf)

25 May 2021                     The Critchley Salver (ENG) – Results
Winner – Lottie Woad (ENG)


Lottie Woad (Photo: Woad Family)

22-24 May 2021                Welsh Ladies’ Amateur Championship – SP Results and MP Results
Champion – Isabella Hopkins (WAL)
SP Medalist – Darcy Harry (WAL)


Issy Hopkins (Photo: Wales Golf)

18-21 May 2021                91st Portuguese Int. Amateur Championship RESCHEDULED – Information
Winner – Sebastian Friedrichsen (DEN)


Sebastian Friedrichsen (Photo: Portuguese Golf Federation)

17-19 May 2021                NCAA Div I Regional Championships  (USA) – Results & Reports

27 April – 17 May 2021     U.S. Open Championship Local Qualifying – Results

15-16 May 2021                The Formby Hare (ENG) + S&A Bowl (ENG) = Lancashire Links Trophy (ENG)
Formby Winner – Callan Barrow (ENG)
S&A Winner – Jamie Van Wyk (ENG)
Lancashire Links Winner – Jack Brooks (ENG)


Callan Barrow (Photo: Jack Brooks)


Jamie Van Wyk (Photo: Southport & Ainsdale GC)


Jack Brooks (Photo: Jack Brooks)

15-16 May 2021                King George V Trophy + Hertfordshire Stag = Hertfordshire Bowl (ENG) – Results
King George V Winner – Louis Sanders (ENG)
Hertfordshire Stag Winner – Greg Hurley (ENG)
Hertfordshire Bowl – Louis Sanders (ENG)


Louis Sanders With The Hertfordshire Bowl (Photo: Sanders Family)

12-15 May 2021                Portuguese Int. Ladies’ Amateur Championship RESCHEDULED Results
Winner – Lucie Malchirand (FRA)

9 May 2021                       Lindrick Open Amateur For The Danny Willett Trophy (ENG)
Winner – Sam Bairstow (ENG)


Sam Bairstow (Photo: John King / Lindrick GC)

8-9 May 2021                    The 48th Walker Cup (USA) – Results
Team Winner – United States of America


USA Team (Photo: Chris Keane / USGA)

2 May 2021                       Long Ashton Vase (ENG) – Results
Winner – Jake Phillips (ENG)


Jake Phillips (Photo: Long Ashton GC)

2 May 2021                       Burnham and Berrow Challenge Salver (ENG) – Results
Winner – Arron Edwards-Hill (ENG)


Arron Edwards-Hill (Photo: Burnham and Berrow GC)

30-2 May 2021                  Fairhaven Trophies (ENG)

30-2 May 2021                  Lytham Trophy (ENG)

25 April 2021                    Cleveland Salver (ENG) – Results
Winner – Richard Aisbitt (ENG)

24-25 April 2021                Spain v. England International Match (ESP) TO BE RESCHEDULED

23-25 April 2021               Terracotta Invitational (USA) – Results
Winner- Caleb Surratt (USA)


Caleb Surratt (Photo: Chase Duncan)

27-29 April 2021                BUCS Team Championships 

23-25 April 2021                West of England Stroke Play Championship (ENG)

17-18 April 2021                The Battle Trophy (SCO)

17-18 April 2021                Selborne Salver (ENG) + Hampshire Hog (ENG) = Hampshire Salver (ENG)

12-14 April 2021                BUCS Tour Finals

10-11 April 2021                Craigmillar Park Open (SCO)

8-11 April 2021                 The Masters Tournament (USA) – Results
Silver Cup Low Amateur – Not Awarded

8-10 April 2021                 61st Berkhamsted Trophy Men & Women (ENG)

7-11 April 2021                 European Nations Cup – RCG Sotogrande (ESP)

7-9 April 2021                   Scottish Boys’ U18 Open Championship

7-9 April 2021                   Scottish Girls’ U18 Open Championship

1-5 April 2021                   French International Boys’ Championship TO BE RESCHEDULED

1-5 April 2021                   French International Girls’ Championship TO BE RESCHEDULED

31-3 April 2021                 Augusta National Women’s Amateur (USA) – Results
Winner – Tsubasa Kajitani (JAP)


Tsubasa Kajitani (Photo: Augusta National Women’s Amateur) 

29-31 Mar 2021                BUCS English & Welsh Championships

28 Mar 2021                     The Georgia Cup (USA)
Winner – Tyler Strafaci (USA)


Joe Long and Tyler Strafaci (Photo: The Golf Club of Georgia)

27-1 April 2021                 BUCS Scottish Student Golf Championships

18-21 Mar 2021                The Azalea Invitational (USA) – Results
Winner – Abel Gallegos (ARG)


Abel Gallegos (Photo: Justin Biegel)

18-21 Mar 2021                Italian International Amateur SP Championship – Results
Champion – Gregorio De Leo (ITA)


Gregorio De Leo (Photo: Federazione Italiana Golf)

18-21 Mar 2021                 Junior Invitational at Sage Valley (Mixed) (USA) 

15-17 Mar 2021                 BUCS Stirling Invitational (SCO)

9-12 Mar 2021                   87th Sunningdale Foursomes (ENG)

8-10 Mar 2021                   BUCS Exeter Invitational (ENG)

7-12 Mar 2021                   Northern Amateur Open Championship (RSA)
– MP Results
MP Champion – Yurav Premlall (RSA)

 – SP Qualifying Results
Medalist – Casey Jarvis (RSA)


Yurav Premlall (Photo: Central Gauteng Golf Union)

3-7 Mar 2021                     Spanish International Amateur Championship
– MP Results
MP Champion – Lucas Fallotico (ITA)

SP Qualifying Results
SP Medalist – Luis Masaveu Roncal (ESP)


Lucas Fallotico (Photo: RFE Golf)

24-26 Feb 2021                 Cape Province Open (RSA) – Results
Winner – Christiaan Maas (RSA)


Christiaan Maas (Photo: Golf RSA)

21 Feb 2021                      Junior Winter Series – Crail Golfing Society (SCO)

14-19 Feb 2021                 South African Amateur Championship
– MP Results
MP Champion – Christiaan Maas (RSA) 


Christiaan Maas (Photo: Ernest Blignault / Golf RSA)

SP Qualifying Results
SP Medalist (Proudfoot Trophy) – Jack Dyer (ENG)


Jack Dyer (Photo: Ernest Blignault / Golf RSA)

9-12 Feb 2021                   Australian Men’s Amateur Championship –  SP Results
Champion – Louis Dobbelaar (AUS)
Australian Amateur was contested as a 72-hole stroke play event for the first time in 2021.


Louis Dobbelaar (Photo: David Brand / Golf Australia)

11 Feb 2021                       Junior Winter Series – West Kilbride (SCO)

8-11 Feb 2021                   African Amateur Stroke Play Championship (RSA) – Results
Champion – Casey Jarvis (RSA)


Casey Jarvis (Photo: Ernest Blignault / Golf RSA)

5-7 Feb 2021                     Jones Cup Invitational (USA) – Results
Winner – Ludvig Aberg (SWE)


Ludvig Aberg (Photo: Jones Cup Invitational)

1-4 Feb 2021                     South African Stroke Play Championship – Results
Champion – Martin Vorster (RSA)


Martin Vorster (Photo: Golf RSA)

25-29 Jan 2021                 New South Wales Amateur Championship (AUS)
–  Medal SP Results and MP Results
Men’s Amateur MP Winner – Andrew Richards (AUS)
Men’s Medal SP Winner – Jeffrey Guan (AUS) 


Andrew Richards (Photo: Golf NSW)

22-24 Jan 2021                 Gauteng North Open (RSA) – Results
Winner – Christiaan Maas (RSA)


Christiaan Maas (Photo: Gauteng North Golf Union)

19-22 Jan 2021                 Men’s International Octagonal Match (ESP)

19-22 Jan 2021                 Avondale Amateur (AUS)

14-17 Jan 2021                 Latin America Amateur Championship (CHL)

9-12 Jan 2021                   Men’s Copa Andalucía (ESP) – Results
Winner – Gonzalo Leal Montero (ESP)


Gonzalo Leal Montero (Photo: RFE Golf)

5-8 Jan 2021                     Australian Master of the Amateurs
Men’s Results and Women’s Results
Men’s Winner – Lukas Michel (AUS)
Women’s Winner – Lion Higo (AUS)


Lukas Michel and Lion Higo (Photo: Golf Australia)

3-6 Jan 2021                     Junior Orange Bowl Championships (USA)
Boys’ Results and Girls’ Results
Boys’ Winner – Sebastian Moss (USA)
Girls’ Winner – Emily Zhu (CAN)

Sebastian Moss and Emily Zhu (Photo: Junior Orange Bowl)

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