2019 Results

Here are the main amateur golf results for 2019: –

Click the blue links by each event to view the results – correct at the time of publication


18-21 July 2019              The Open Championship (N.I.) – Information
Silver Medal Low Amateur Winner –

17-21 July 2019               Scottish Boys’ Amateur Championship – Results
Winner –

17-20 July 2019              Dutch Junior Open – Results
Men’s Winner –
Women’s Winner – 

15-20 July 2019               The U.S. Junior Amateur Championship – Information
Champion –

18-19 July 2019              Wilmslow Crow + Stockport Salver = The Cheshire Cat (ENG) – Information
The Cheshire Cat Winner –
Stockport Salver –
Wilmslow Crow Winner –

17-19 July 2019              South Wales Boys Open Championship
Winner – 

16-18 July 2019               English Boys’ U16 Amateur SP Championship (McGregor Trophy) – Results
Winner –

16-18 July 2019               Tillman Trophy (ENG) – Results
Winner – 

15-17 July 2019              Faldo Series England Girls and Midlands Boys – Information
Winners –

15 July 2019                    AIG Women’s British Open Pre-Qualifying – Information
Amateur Qualifiers –


1-24 July 2019                 U.S. Amateur Championship (Sectional Qualifying)
Information and Results
GB&I Qualifiers – 


13-14 July 2019               North of Scotland Open Amateur – Results
Winner – Andrew Ni (SCO)

11-14 July 2019               The Players Amateur (USA) – Results
Winner – Spencer Ralston (USA)

13 July 2019                    South East – English Men’s County Championships Qualifying
Team Winners – Kent
Individual Medalist – Jack Hawksby (Bedfordshire)


The Kent Team (Photo: Kent Golf Union)


9-13 July 2019                 European MEN’S Amateur Team Championship (SWE)
SP Team Results and SP Individual Results
MP Flight A Results
Team Winners – Sweden


Sweden Men’s Team (Photo: European Golf Association)

9-13 July 2019                 European BOYS’ Amateur Team Championship (FRA)
SP Team Results and SP Individual Results
MP Flight A Results
Team Winners – France

10-13 July 2019               European BOYS’ Amateur Team Championship DIVISION 2 (POL)
SP Team Results and SP Individual Results
MP Flight A Results
Team Winners – Wales
WALES 1st and SCOTLAND Tied 3rd

9-13 July 2019                 European LADIES’ Amateur Team Championship (ITA)
SP Team Results and SP Individual Results
MP Flight A Results
Team Winners – Sweden

9-13 July 2019                 European GIRLS’ Amateur Team Championship (ESP)
SP Team Results and SP Individual Results
MP Flight A Results
MP Flight B Results
Team Winners – Denmark
ENGLAND (Flight A) 8th, IRELAND (Flight B) 11th and WALES (Flight B) 12th


9-12 July 2019                 116th Trans-Miss Amateur Championship (USA) – Results
Winner – Coody Pierceson (USA)

8-12 July 2019                 North of Ireland Amateur Open Championship
SP Results and MP Results
SP Medalist – Rob Brazill (IRE)
Winner – Arron Edwards-Hill (ENG)


Arron Edwards-Hill (Photo: Arron Edwards-Hill)

11 July 2019                    South West – English Boys’ County Championships Qualifying
Team Winners – Devon
Individual Medalist – Dylan Xanh (Somerset)


Devon County Team (Photo: @GaryMilneGolf)

9-11 July 2019                 Scottish Boys’ U16 Open Championship – Results
Winner – Cameron Adam (SCO)


Cameron Adam (Photo: @slabike1234)

8-10 July 2019                 Faldo Series England North Boys – Results
Winners – Jake Benson (U21 / Overall), Jake Wiltshire (U18), Joshua Berry (U16) 

6-7 July 2019                    Tucker Trophy (WAL) – Aggregate Results
Winner – Rhys Evans (WAL)

7 July 2019                       The Golynos Oak (Newport G.C.) – Results
Winner – Rhys Evans (WAL)


Rhys Evans (Photo: Newport G.C.)

6 July 2019                       The Whitchurch Silver Dragon – Information
Winner – Tom Froom (WAL)


Tom Froom (Photo: Newport G.C.)

6-7 July 2019                    Cameron Corbett Vase (SCO) – Results
Winner – Lewis Irvine (SCO)

5-7 July 2019                    English Men’s Mid-Amateur SP Championship (Logan Trophy)
Winner – Geoff Harris (ENG)

4-7 July 2019                    Chiberta Grand Prix (FRA) – Results
Men’s Winner – Paul Margolis (FRA)
Women’s Winner – Amelia Williamson (ENG)

3 July 2019                       Northern – English Boys’ County Championships Qualifying
Team Winners – Lancashire


Lancashire Boys Team (Photo: Lancashire Golf)

3 July 2019                       South East – English Boys’ County Championships Qualifying
Team Winners – Kent


Kent Boys Team (Photo: Kent Golf Union)

1-3 July 2019                   Faldo Series England South II Boys – Results
Winners – Aaron Edwards-Hill (U21), James Freeman (U18 / Overall), Rohan Miah (U16) 

2 July 2019                       The Open Championship Final Qualifying (GB) – Results / Amateur Qualifiers

29-30 June 2019              Royal St. David’s Gold Cross (WAL) – Results
Winner – Callum Blinkhorn (ENG)


Callum Blinkhorn (Photo: Royal St. David’s G.C.)

29-30 June 2019              East of Scotland Open Amateur Championship – Results
Winner – Stuart McLaren (SCO)


Stuart McLaren (Photo: Stuart McLaren)

28-29 June 2019              Vagliano Trophy (ENG) – Results
Team Winners – Continent of Europe

28-29 June 2019              Junior Vagliano Trophy (ENG) – Results
Team Winners – Continent of Europe

26-29 June 2019              European Amateur Championship (AUT) – Results
Champion – Matthias Schmid (GER)


Matthias Schmid (Photo: European Golf Association)

25-28 June 2019              Irish Boys Amateur Open Championship – Results
Winner – Aaron Marshall (N.I.)

24 June 2019                   The Open Championship Regional Qualifying – Results / Amateur Qualifiers

22-23 June 2019              Tennant Cup (SCO) – Results
Winner – Euan McIntosh (SCO)

22-23 June 2019              Berkshire Trophy (ENG) – Results
Co-Winners – Oliver Farrell (ENG) and Haider Hussain (ENG)


Haider Hussain and Oliver Farrell (Photo: Haider Hussain)

Scrutton Jug Winner – Olly Huggins (ENG)
(lowest aggregate score at both The Brabazon Trophy and The Berkshire Trophy)


Olly Huggins (Photo: Olly Huggins)

21-23 June 2019              Sir Henry Cooper Junior Masters (ENG)
Boys’ Results and Girls’ Results
Boys’ Winner – Ben Schmidt (ENG)
Girls’ Winner – Ffion Tynan (WAL)


Ben Schmidt and Ffion Tynan (Photo: @TheHenryCooper) 

19-22 June 2019             Northeast Amateur Invitational (USA) – Results
Winner – Garrett May (USA)


Garrett May (Photo: Dalton Balthaser)

22 June 2019                   Midlands – English Men’s County Championships Qualifying – Results
Team Winner – Nottinghamshire
Individual Winner – Simon Richardson (Lincolnshire)


Nottinghamshire (Photo: @thenugc)

17-22 June 2019              The 124th Amateur Championship (IRE)
Information / SP Qualifying Results / MP Results
Champion – James Sugrue (IRE)
SP Medalist – Tom Plumb (ENG)


James Sugrue (Photo: The R&A / Getty Images)

13-16 June 2019               The U.S. Open Championship – Results
Low Amateur – Viktor Hovland (NOR)


Viktor Hovland (Photo: Michael Madrid)

12-15 June 2019              66th Sunnehanna Amateur (USA) – Results
Winner – Alex Smalley (USA)


Alex Smalley (Photo: Sunnehanna Amateur)

11-15 June 2019              The Women’s Amateur Championship (N.I.)
SP Qualifying Results / MP Results
Champion – Emily Toy (ENG)
SP Medalist – Hannah Screen (ENG)

11 June 2019                  South West – English Men’s County Championships Qualifier (ENG) – Results
Team Winner – Somerset

11 June 2019                   South West Counties Amateur Championship (ENG) – Results
Winner – Tom Plumb (ENG)

8-9 June 2019                  Aberconwy Trophy (WAL) – Results
Winner – Jacob Davies (WAL)


Jacob Davies (Photo: Davies Family)

8-9 June 2019                  Connacht Stroke Play Championship (IRE) – Results
Winner – Peter McKeever (IRE)

7-9 June 2019                  Arnold Palmer Cup – Results
Team Winners – International Team


The International Team (Photo: Ria Scott)

7-9 June 2019                  St. Andrews Links Trophy (SCO) – Results
Champion – Jake Burnage (ENG)


Jake Burnage (Photo: Burnage Family)

1-3 June 2019                  East of Ireland Amateur Championship – Results
Winner – Martin Vorster (RSA)


Martin Vorster (Photo: Golf Union of Ireland / Pat Cashman Photography)

31-2 June 2019               The Barrie Douglas Scottish Junior Masters (SCO) – Results
Boys’ U18 Winner – Dean Walsh (SCO)
Boys’ U16 winner – Gregor Graham (SCO)
Girls’ U18 Winner – Carmen Griffiths (SCO)


Carmen Griffiths, Gregor Graham and Dean Walsh (Photo: @BDFoundation_)

31-2 June 2019               Welsh Open Youths U21 Championship – Results
Winner – Luke Harries (WAL)


Luke Harries (Photo: Wales Golf)

30-2 June 2019               Brabazon Trophy (ENG) – Results
Winner – Ben Schmidt (ENG)


Ben Schmidt and Family (Photo: Yorkshire Golf / Jonathan Plaxton)

30-1 June 2019               Allianz German Boys’ and Girls’ Open – Results
Boys’ Winner – Luke O’Neill (IRE)
Girls’ Winner – Emilie Paltrinieri (ITA)


Luke O’Neill and Emilie Paltinieri  (Photo: http://www.golf.de)

29 May 2019                   Midlands – English Boys’ County Champs Qualifying – Results
Team Winner – Northamptonshire

24-29 May 2019              NCAA Division I National Championships
Team SP Results, Individual SP Results and Team MP Results

Team Champions – Stanford


The Stanford Team (Photo: Jack Dempsey NCAA Photos)

Individual Champion – Matthew Wolff (Oklahoma State / USA)


Matthew Wolff (Photo: Jack Dempsey NCAA Photos)

27-28 May 2019              Ulster Stroke Play Championship – Results
Men’s Winner – Colm Campbell Jnr. (N.I.)
Women’s Winner – Jessica Ross (N.I.)


Jessica Ross and Colm Campbell Jnr (@IrishLadiesGolf)

25-27 May 2019              Thunderbird International Junior (USA) – Results
Boys’ Winner – William Mouw (USA)
Girls’ Winner – Alexa Melton (USA)


Alexa Melton and William Mouw (Photo: @GreyhawkGolf) 

25-26 May 2019              England U16 v. Spain U16 Match – Results
Team Winner – Spain

24-26 May 2019              French International Amateur Championship – Results
Winner – Charles Larcelet (FRA)


Charles Larcelet (Photo: @ffgolf)

25-26 May 2019             Staffordshire Stag (ENG)
Winner – Simon Higgins (ENG) BDS 75 68 = 143 + TPB 70 77 = 147 = 290

26 May 2019                   Trentham Punch Bowl (ENG) – Results
Winner – Jack Brooks (ENG)


Jack Brooks (Photo: Jack Brooks)

25 May 2019                   Beau Desert Stag (ENG) – Results
Winner – Jake McGoldrick (ENG)


Jake McGoldrick (Photo: Mark Stancer)

22-23 May 2019              Lagonda Trophy (ENG) – Results
Winner – Liam Phipps (ENG)


Liam Phipps (Photo: Liam Phipps)

16-19 May 2019              Flogas Irish Amateur Open Championship – Results
Champion – James Newton (ENG)


James Newton (Photo: Pat Cashman Photography / @GUIGolf)

19 May 2019                   The Hertfordshire Bowl – Results
Winner – Rob Watkins (ENG)

19 May 2019                   The Hertfordshire Stag Trophy (ENG) – Results
Winner – Ed Green (ENG)

18 May 2019                   The King George V Coronation Challenge Cup (ENG) – Results
Winner – Rob Watkins (ENG)


Rob Watkins (Photo: Porters Park G.C.)

19 May 2019                   The Lancashire Links Trophy – Results
Winner – John Carroll (ENG)


John Carroll (Photo: John Caroll / @Caroll10J)

19 May 2019                   Formby Hare (ENG) – Results
Winner – Greg Holmes (ENG)


Greg Holmes (Photo: @RossallGolf)

18 May 2019                   Southport & Ainsdale Bowl
Winner – John Carroll (ENG) 70 65 = 135 (-9)


John Carroll (Photo: John Caroll / @Caroll10J)

13-15 May 2019              NCAA Division I Regional Championships (USA) – Results
GB&I Qualifiers – Alex Fitzpatrick (Wake Forest), Harry Hall (UNLV), Dev Morley (Louisville) and John Murphy (Louisville)

14 May 2019                   Brabazon Trophy – Northern Qualifier (ENG) – Results
Winner – Charlie Daugherty (ENG) and Blair Morton (SCO)

14 May 2019                   Brabazon Trophy – Southern Qualifier (ENG) – Results
Winner – Liam Phipps (ENG) and George Leversuch (ENG) 

12 May 2019                   Lindrick Amateur Open (ENG) – Results
Winner – Sam Bairstow (ENG)


Sam Bairstow (Photo: John King)

11-12 May 2019              North Wales Boys Open – Results
Winner – Connor Owen (WAL)


Connor Owen (Photo: Danny Owen)

10-11 May 2019              France v. England U18 Boys Match – Results
Team Winner – France


France Boys Team (Photo: @FFGolf)

4-5 May 2019                   Munster Stroke Play Championship (IRE) – Results
Winner – Joe Lyons (IRE)Munster Strokeplay Championship 2019 Cork Golf Club 4th/5th May 2019

Joe Lyons (Photo: Cork Golf News)

4-5 May 2019                   Clywd Open (WAL) – Results
Winner – Mitchell Reid (WAL)

3-5 May 2019                   Lytham Trophy (ENG) – Results
Winner – Josh McMahon (ENG)


Josh McMahon (Photo: Golf Bible)

3-5 May 2019                   Fairhaven Trophies (ENG) – Results
Boys’ Winner – Callum Macfie (ENG)
Girls’ Winner – Rosie Belsham (ENG)


Callum Macfie and Rosie Belsham (Photo: Stephen Burnett)

27-28 April 2019              England v. Spain International Match – Results
Winner – England


England Celebrate Their Victory (Photo: Burnage Family)

26-28 April 2019              West of England Amateur SP Championship – Results
Winner – Charlie Salter (ENG)


Charlie Salter (Photo: Saunton Golf Club)

28 April 2019                   Cleveland Salver (ENG) – Results
Winner – Charlie Thornton (ENG)

26-28 April 2019              Terracotta Invitational (USA) – Results
Winner – Alexander Vogelsong (USA)

26-28 April 2019              R&A Girls’ U16 Amateur Championship (ENG) – Results
Winner – Francesca Fiorellini (ITA)

25-28 April 2019              Women’s Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship (JAP) – Results
Champion – Yuka Yasuda (JAP)

25-27 April 2019              Junior Invitational (USA) – Results
Winner – Tom McKibbin (N.I.)


Tom McKibbin (Photo: Darren Carroll)

24-25 April 2019              French International U14 Boys – Godillot Trophy – Results
Winner – Arthur Carlier (FRA)

20-22 April 2019              Boys’ U16 Quadrangular Match (SCO) – Results
Winner – Scotland


Scotland (Photo: Barrie Douglas Foundation)

18-22 April 2019              French International U18 Boys’ Championship – Results
Michel Carlhian Trophy Winner – Philipp Katich (GER)


Philipp Katich (Photo: French Federation of Golf)

18-22 April 2019              French International U18 / U21 Girls’ Championship – Results
Esmond Trophy U21 Winner – Lucie Malchirand (FRA)
Cartier Trophy U18 Winner – Nina Lang (GER)

20-21 April 2019              Battle Trophy (SCO) – Results
Winner – Joe Bryce (SCO)img_0600

Joe Bryce (Photo: Crail Golfing Society)

19-21 April 2019              Helen Holm Scottish Women’s Open Championship – Results
Winner – Pia Babnik (SLO)


Pia Babnik (Photo: Royal Troon G.C.)

20-21 April 2018              The Trubshaw Cup (WAL) – Results
Winner – Rhys Evans (WAL)

21 April 2019                   The Golden Eagle (WAL) – Results
Winner – Rhys Evans (WAL)

20 April 2018                   Carmarthenshire Open (WAL) – Results
Winner – Rhys Evans (WAL)


Rhys Evans With His Three Trophies (centre) (Photo: Tenby Golf Club)

17-18 April 2019              The Peter McEvoy Trophy U18 (ENG) – Results
Winner – Tom McKibbin (IRE)


Tom McKibbin (Photo: GolfBible)

16-18 April 2019               PGA EuroPro Tour Q-School (Final Stage) – Results
Amateur Top 30 Category 3 Qualifiers – Calum Fyfe (SC0), Daniel Brown (ENG) and James Glenn (USA)

16-18 April 2019              Faldo Series England South I Boys – Results
Winners – Charlie Salter (U21), Corey Neville (U18) and Joshua Greig

13-14 April 2019              Craigmillar Park Open (SCO) – Results
Winner – Joe Bryce (SCO)


Joe Bryce (Photo: @cpgolfclub)

13-14 April 2019              Hampshire Salver (ENG) – Results
Winner – Sam Bairstow (ENG) SS 135 + HH 135 = 270

14 April 2019                   Hampshire Hog (ENG) – Results
Winner – Matty Lamb


Matty Lamb (Photo: Mark Sandom / @FleetPhotos)

12-14 April 2019              Duncan Putter (WAL) – Results
Co-Winners – Shergo Al Kurdi (JOR) , George Bryant (ENG) and Jacob Davies (WAL) 


Shergo Al Kurdi, George Bryant and Jacob Davies (Photo: Southerndown GC) 

11-14 April 2019              The Masters (USA) – Results
Low Amateur Silver Cup Winner – Viktor Hovland (NOR)


Viktor Hovland (Photo: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

13 April 2019                   Selborne Salver (ENG) – Results
Winner – Charlie Strickland (ENG)


Jake Bolton, Charlie Strickland, Harry Goddard & James Byers (Photo: @Golfing4Life_ )

10-13 April 2019              Euro Nations Championship (ESP)
Results – Men’s Individual, Men’s Team, Women’s Individual, Women’s Team
Men’s Individual Winner – Tom Sloman (ENG)
Men’s Team Winner – England
Women’s Individual Women – Marta García Llorca (ESP)
Women’s Team Winner – Holland







Gareth Jenkins, Tom Plumb, Tom Sloman, Bailey Gill and Ben Jones (Photos: @EnglandGolf and @Golfing4Life_)

10-12 April 2019              Scottish Boy’s and Girls’ Open Championship
Results – Boys’ and Girls’
Boys’ Winner – James Ashfield (WAL)
Girls’ Winner – Hannah Darling (SCO)







James Ashfield and Hannah Darling (Photo: Scottish Golf)

10-12 April 2019              Ulster Students Amateur Open Championship – Results
Winner – Rory Williamson (IRE)


Rory Wiliamson (Photo: http://www.golfnet.ie / Andy Webber Photography)

6-7 April 2019                 Scottish Champion of Champions – No Results Published
Winner – Jeff Wright (SCO)


Jeff Wright (Photo: Leven Golfing Society)

4-7 April 2019                  West of Ireland Amateur Championship – Results
Winner – Caolan Rafferty (IRE)


Caolan Rafferty (Photo: @2019woig)

3-6 April 2019                 Augusta National Women’s Amateur – Results
Winner – Jennifer Kupcho (USA)


Jennifer Kupcho (Photo: Augusta National G.C. / @ANWAGolf)

4-6 April 2019                  Berkhamsted Trophy – Results
Winner – Joss Gosling (ENG)


Joss Gosling (Photo: @BerkhamstedGolf / Ian Hall)

3-4 April 2019                  PGA EuroPro Tour Q-School (1st Stage / 5 Events) – Results
Amateur Qualifiers – Harrison Arnold (ENG), Daniel Brown (ENG), Owen Crooks (SCO), Calum Fyfe (SCO), Scott Gibson (SCO), James Glenn (USA), Taylor Hutton (ENG), Mark Hyde (ENG), Declan Illingworth (ENG), Finbar Kane (ENG), Luke Kelly (ENG), Christopher Lamb (SCO), Ross MacIntosh (FRA), Blair Morton (SCO), Alex Nicholls (ENG), Jamie Richards (ENG), Tim Shin (ENG) and Paul Waring (ENG).

1-2 April 2019                  R&A Foundation Scholars Tournament
Men’s Results and Women’s Results
Men’s Winner – Aled Greville (WAL))
Women’s Winner – Lorna McClymont (SCO)


Aled Greville and Lorna McClymont (Photo: The R&A)

28 March 2019                The Georgia Cup (USA) – Results
Winner – Jovan Rebula (RSA)


Jovan Rebula (Photo: The Golf Club of Georgia)

26-27 March 2019           Darwin Salver (ENG) – Results
Winner – Harvey Byers (ENG)


Harvey Byers (Photo: Golfing4Life)

20-23 March 2019           Italian International Men’s Amateur – Results
Winner – Brandon Dietzel (GER)


Brandon Dietzel (Photo: Dietzel Family)

12-15 March 2019           Sunningdale Foursomes (ENG) – Results
Winners – Linn Grant (SWE) and Maja Stark (SWE)


 Maja Stark and Linn Grant (Photo: Kevin Diss / http://www.kevindiss.com)

6-8 March 2019               Major Champions Invitational (USA) – Results
Boys’ Winner – Conor Gough (ENG)
Girls’ Winner – Annabell Fuller (ENG)
Team Winner – Team Annika 







Conor Gough and Annabell Fuller (Photos: Golf Central Magazine)

4-6 March 2019               Cape Province Open (RSA) – Results
Winner – Tom Plumb (ENG)


Tom Plumb (Photo: Pieter Els)

27-3 March 2019             Spanish International Amateur Championship
SP Qualifying Results and MP Results
Champion – Koen Kouwenaar (NED)
Medalist – Ben Jones (ENG)


Runner Up Callum Farr and Champion Koen Kouwenaar (Photo: Adolfo Luna)

26-1 March 2019             South African Stroke Play Championship – Results
Winner – Jayden Schaper (RSA)


Jayden Schaper (Photo: Golf RSA / Withers and Son Photography)

17-22 Feb. 2019               South African Amateur Championship
SP Qualifying Results and MP Results
Champion – Wilco Nienaber (RSA)


Wilco Nienaber (Photo: Lali Stander / Golf RSA)

Medalist (winner of the Proudfoot Trophy) – Luca Filippi (RSA)


Luca Filippi (Photo: Lali Stander / Golf RSA)

15-17 Feb. 2019               Cyprus Junior Open – Results
Boys’ Winner – Ryan Staykov (BUL)
Girls’ Winner – Ellie Gower (ENG)

13-16 Feb. 2019               Portuguese International Amateur Championship – Results
[The ‘Results’ link needs to be opened in or dragged to a new internet window]
Winner – Daniel da Costa Rodrigues (POR)


Daniel da Costa Rodrigues (Photo: Miguel F. Sousa FPG)

11-14 Feb. 2019               African Amateur Stroke Play Championship – Results
Winner – Euan Walker (SCO)


Euan Walker (Photo: Ian Rae @ianrae59)

1-3 Feb. 2019                   Jones Cup Invitational (USA) – Results
Winner – Akshay Bhatia (USA)


Akshay Bhatia (Photo: Jones Cup Invitational)

29-1 Feb. 2019                 Avondale Amateur (AUS)
Men’s Results and Women’s Results
Men’s Winner – Blake Windred (AUS)
Women’s Winner – Kumkang Park (KOR)


KK Park and Blake Windred (Photo: Golf NSW)

26-28 January 2018         Gauteng North Amateur (RSA) – Results
Winner – Wilco Nienaber  (RSA)


Wilco Nienaber  (Photo: Gauteng North Golf Union)

22-25 Jan. 2019               Costa Bellena Men’s Octagonal Match (ESP) – Results
Team Winners – Spain


Spain (Photo: RFE Golf / Adolfo Luna)


screenshot 2019-01-25 at 18.39.49

21-25 Jan. 2019               New South Wales Amateur (AUS)
Men’s MP Results and Women’s MP Results
Men’s NSW Medal Results and Women’s NSW SP Results
Men’s NSW Amateur Winner – Kartik Sharma (IND)
Women’s NSW Amateur Winner – Lisa Edgar (AUS)
Men’s NSW Medal Winner – Joey Savoie (CAN)
Women’s NSW Stroke Play Championship Winner – Emily Toy (ENG)


Kartik Sharma and Lisa Edgar (Photo: @GolfNSW)

17-20 Jan. 2019               Latin America Amateur Championship (DRP) – Results
Champion – Álvaro Ortiz (MEX)


Álvaro Ortiz (Photo: LAAC)

15-20 Jan. 2019               Australian Amateur Championship – Results
Men’s MP Results and Women’s MP Results
Men’s SP Qualifying Results and Women’s SP Qualifying Results
Men’s Champion – Conor Purcell (IRE)
Women’s Champion – Hong Yaeeun (KOR)


Conor Purcell (Photo: Golf Australia)

10-13 January 2019        South American Amateur Championship (CHL)
Men’s Results and Women’s Results
Men’s Champion – Chris Crisologo (CAN)
Women’s Champion – Maria Escauriza (PAR)


Maria Escauriza and Chris Crisologo (Photo: Nora Ventureira)

8-11 January 2019          Australian Master of the Amateurs
Men’s Results and Women’s Results
Men’s Champion – Chun-An Yu (CTP)
Women’s Champion – Stephanie Kyriacou (AUS)


Chun-An Yu (Photo: @AusMotA)

3-6 January 2019            Junior Orange Bowl Championship (USA)
Boys Results and Girls Results
Boys’ Winner – Andrea Romano (ITA)
Girls’ Winner – Nina Lang (GER)


Nina Lang and Andrea Romano (Photo: MagicalPhotos.com / Mitchell Zach)

3-6 January 2019            93rd New Year’s Invitational (USA) – Results
Winner – Kyler Tate (USA)

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