The 2019 GB&I Men’s National Squads

16th February 2019

With the 2019 season now gathering momentum, as we work up towards September’s Walker Cup match, I thought it may be useful to collate the Men’s National Squads for each of the four home nations in one place.

You will find all of the players selected listed below along with their current Scratch Players World Amateur Ranking (SPWAR).

In addition I have also listed other leading players who for a variety of reasons have not been included in any national squads.img_8619


England Golf announced their Squads on 13th February 2019.

Men’s Squad
Jake Burnage – Devon (47)
Bailey Gill – Yorkshire (177)
David Hague – Yorkshire (105)
Ben Jones – Northamptonshire (107)
Billy McKenzie – Hampshire (233)
Tom Plumb – Somerset (93)
Tom Sloman – Somerset (43)

Men’s A Squad
Jake Bolton – Wiltshire (403)
Sam Done – Lincolnshire (810)
Callum Farr – Northamptonshire (558)
Harry Goddard – Hertfordshire (666)
Ben Hutchinson – Yorkshire (246)
David Langley – Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire (130)
Joe Long – Gloucestershire (267)

Other Elite Players
Barclay Brown – Yorkshire (416)
Oliver Farrell – Worcestershire / Marquette University, USA (281)
Alex Fitzpatrick – Yorkshire / Wake Forest University, USA (82)
Conor Gough (U18) – Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire (340)
John Gough – Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire / UNC Charlotte, USA (294)
Harry Hall – Cornwall / University of Las Vegas, USA (53)
Jamie Li – Somerset / Florida State University, USA (243)
Daniel O’Loughlin – Nottinghamshire / University of Colorado, USA (227)
Joe Pagdin (U18) – Florida, USA (286)
Laird Shepherd – Stirling University, Scotland (182)
Thomas Thurloway – Sussex / Jacksonville University, USA (309)
Robin Williams (U18) – Northamptonshire (238)


The Golf Union of Ireland (now Golf Ireland) announced their Squad on the 29th November 2018.

Men’s Senior Panel
Robert Brazill – Leinster (738)
Colm Campbell – Ulster (2,542)
Robert Cannon – Leinster (1,155)
Alex Gleeson – Leinster (176)
Eoin Leonard – Surrey, England / Yale University, USA (303)
Rowan Lester – Leinster (164)
Tiarnán McLarnon – Ulster (277)
Ronan Mullarney – Connacht (219)
John Murphy – Munster / University of Louisville, USA (86)
Peter O’Keeffe – Munster (387)
Mark Power – Leinster (265)
Conor Purcell – Leinster (23)
Caolan Rafferty – Leinster (99)
James Sugrue – Munster (379)



The 2018-19 players listed on the Scottish Golf website are as follows.

Men’s Squad
Callum Bruce – Midland College, USA (416)
Kieran Cantley (497)
Matthew Clark (647)
Stuart Easton (203)
Rory Franssen – University of Missouri, USA (262)
Darren Howie (570)
Jim Johnston (427)
Ryan Lumsden – Northwestern University, USA (70)
Stephen Roger (523)
Sandy Scott – Texas Tech University, USA (135)
Jamie Stewart – University of Missouri, USA (152)
Euan Walker (50)
James Wilson (297)
Jeff Wright (779)

Transitional Support (18-21)
Eric McIntosh – Northwestern University, USA (187)
John Paterson – University of Colorado, USA (864)

Other Elite Players
Calum Fyfe (288)
Connor McKinney – Western Australia (211)



The 2018-19 players listed on the Wales Golf website are as follows.

National Performance Programme
Archie Davies (1,116)
Jake Hapgood (373)

National Support Programme
Oly Brown (2,239)
George Bryant (1,723)
Ben Chamberlain (1,218)
Jacob Davies (1,363)
Aled Greville (3,861)
Kieron Harmon (2,040)
Luke Harries – Lincoln Memorial University, USA (1,548)
Matt Harris (2,252)
Tim Harry (4,207)
Paddy Mullins (1,502)
Matt Roberts (927)
Lewys Sanges (1,245)
Tom Williams (914)

Other Elite Players
Gaelen Trew (757)


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The 2018 GB&I Men’s National Squads

12th December 2017

The last few months have seen a relatively large number of Great Britain and Ireland international and other elite amateur players turn professional.

2018 therefore represents a huge opportunity for the next generation of GB&I players coming through the ranks.

As we start to look ahead to next year I thought it may be useful to lay out the 2018 National Squads for each of the four home nations in one place.

You will find these players listed below, along with each player’s current Scratch Players World Amateur Ranking (SPWAR), some other elite players not officially included in the various Panels to show depth (there are others too) and finally a list of all of the recent departures to the ‘dark side’ from each country.

Seeing how this period of transition for both GB&I amateur and professional golf unfolds next year and into 2019 will certainly be interesting.



Men’s Squad
Jake Burnage (111)
Todd Clements (56)
Jack Gaunt (188)
David Hague (146)
Matthew Jordan (34)
Gian-Marco Petrozzi (126)
Charlie Strickland (212)
Andrew Wilson (329)

Men’s A Squad
George Bloor (270)
Bailey Gill (378)
Ben Jones (417)
Josh McMahon (431)
Nick Poppleton (260)
Tom Sloman (201)

Other Elite Players
Toby Briggs (902) – U.S. University of San Francisco, Freshman
Harry Ellis (35) – U.S. Florida State University, Redshirt Junior
Alex Fitzpatrick (408) – Committed to Wake Forest University – Summer 2018
Harry Hall (134) – U.S. University of Las Vegas, Junior
Billy McKenzie (247) – U.K. full time amateur.
Daniel O’Loughlin (328) – U.S. University of Colorado, Sophomore
Pavan Sagoo (352) – U.S. St. Mary’s College, Senior
Daniel Sutton (347) – U.S. University of Kansas, Junior
Laird Shepherd (222) – U.K. Stirling University
David Wicks (173) – U.S. Jacksonville, Junior

Players Who Have Recently Turned Pro
Dan Brown, Jamie Clare, Tom Gandy, Scott Gregory, Josh Hilleard, Cameron Long, Richard Mansell, Bradley Moore, Marco Penge, Alfie Plant, Jack Singh Brar, Sean Towndrow, Will Whiteoak and Jack Yule (14).


Men’s Senior Panel
Barry Anderson (1,051)
Colm Campbell (311)
Robin Dawson (68)
Jamie Fletcher (1,425)
Alex Gleeson (212)
Rowan Lester (215)
Paul McBride (43) – U.S. Wake Forest University, Senior
Tiarnan McLarnon (517)
Ronan Mullarney (323)
John Murphy (541)
Peter O’Keeffe (344)
Mark Power (690)
Conor Purcell (291) – U.S. University of North Carolina Charlotte, Sophomore
Caolan Rafferty (103)
James Sugrue (1,028)
Jonathan Yates (579)

Other Elite Players
Thomas Mulligan (1,591) – U.S. University of Oregon, Freshman

5 Players Who Have Recently Turned Pro
Colin Fairweather, John Ross Galbraith, Stuart Grehan, Kevin Le Blanc and Conor O’Rourke (5).



Men’s Squad
Darren Howie (492)
Sam Locke (509)
Jamie Stewart (120) – U.S. Missouri  University, Freshman
Eric McIntosh (404) – U.S. Northwestern University, Freshman
Ryan Lumsden (132) – U.S. Northwestern University, Junior
Matthew Clark (436)
Calum Fyfe (131)
Sandy Scott (110) – U.S. Texas Tech University, Sophomore
Euan Walker (266)

Other Elite Players
Rory Franssen (314) – U.S. Missouri University, Sophomore

Players Who Have Recently Turned Pro
Liam Johnston, Chris Maclean, Robert MacIntyre, Craig Ross and Connor Syme. Craig Howie (49) is also expected to turn Pro shortly (6).



National Performance Programme
Ben Chamberlain
Gaelen Trew – U.S. Florida Institute of Technology, Junior
Luke Harries – U.S. Lincoln Memorial University, Freshman
Tim Harry

National Support Programme
Jake Hapgood
Kyle Harman
Matt Harris
Lee Jones
Llew Matthews
Lewys Sanges

Players Who Have Recently Turned Pro
David Boote, Jack Davidson, Joshua Davies, Owen Edwards and Evan Griffith (5).


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